from: Steve Suhm, Marketing Director at McDermott Cue
We're excited that McDermott's name is a part of the NorthWest 8 and 9-Ball Tour. The 8-Ball Tour is the only nationally sponsored tour in the United States. It is a grassroots effort making a tour available to more pool players, also establishing a 9-Ball Tour to meet the needs of all players.

We couldn't have picked a better team than the good folks at "The Break" and Tour Coordinator Don "Cheese" Akerlow, to partner with. We made the promise early in 2003 to be more proactive with sponsorships and want to continue building on our efforts.

McDermott Cues have a Lifetime Warranty, with over 80 designs and over 175 years of experience spread between 15 cue artisans. McDermott is leading the world in custom cues. Visit us online at:


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