Featured in the February 2003 Issue

Written by: Karla Pixler

As I sit at my favorite local haunt dining on a supreme offering of shrimp scampi style, drenched in the most delectable white wine, butter and garlic sauce accompanied by the creamiest garlic mashed potatoes, a blend of the most succulent vegetables, and an abundant house salad slathered, at my request, with copious amounts of the richest ranch dressing, I feel as though the chef has put this dinner together with me specifically in mind; and I find it fortunate for Portlanders in search of such impeccable food, fabulous fun, and a spectacular atmosphere that they need look no further than "Wired Sports Bar".

Though by nature a fairly selfish person, as regards "Wired Sports" I feel compelled to share the good fortune of my find with the rest of the world.

The celebratory geniuses at this fine establishment have managed to perfect the concept of a great time.

Upon entrance to this conveniently located spot at 11340 NE Halsey Street here in picturesque Portland, Oregon, one is instantaneeously struck with the feeling of having come home. So many friendly faces and, it would seem everyone knows one another. The bartenders are all smiles and the patrons seem genuinely happy to be part of this family like atmosphere which mingles well with the abundance of activity "Wired" has to offer.

With two pool tables, free shuffleboard, darts and Golden Tee Golf; FREE Internet access, five video poker machines, ALL Lottery and the fifteen television sets -- five of which are big screen - completely surrounding the FULL SERVICE bar, one is never at a loss for leisurely interest!

As if all this were not enough, Sundays play host to the NFL Sunday Ticket as well as NBA League Pass. Wednesday through Sunday evenings lay claim to Karaoke from 9:00 pm until 2:00 am. In particular, I look forward to the soon to be opening dance floor which promises more of the same fun to which "Wired" patrons have grown so accustom. Tina Brannon, bar manager and all around social butterfly is excited to get a weekly pool league together but I hear she is all thumbs as to how to precisely go about developing such a scheme and is avidly looking for help from interested folk! Someone please contact her at 503-252-4833 and help out this soon to be mother of twins as she attempts to tackle this daunting task.

As I pen this dissertation on my favorite little bar I come to the conclusion of my meal and as I sit here in a satiated state of ecstasy, I am struck with the peculiar notion that somehow, I have failed in my attempt to appropriately herald the magical workings of our Executive Chef, Robert Peterson. This man is simply amazing.

If you are less inclined toward the sporting end of life and want simply to bask in the presence of culinary greatness, here again, Wired is the only place to be. From this menu which Robert designed specifically with a sports spot in mind but serendipitously modified to his whimsy and everyone else's delight, you will find such offerings as Fettuccini and Shrimp Primavera, Baked Honey Salmon, Baby Back Ribs, and the MOST tender of tenderloins, as well as an assortment of burgers, salads, and mouth-watering appetizers. The portions are large, the menu is crowd-pleasing and the prices simply cannot be beat "anywhere" in town.

So come join me at my favorite neighborhood pub. I will undoubtedly be here. You may see me tucked into the corner of the overstuffed sofa in front of the roaring fire, or lounging in the recliner. Perhaps I will be trying my hand at a game of nine-ball or shuffleboard, or I will be cheering on the underdog in the next Sunday afternoon football game. But guaranteed, I 'will' be here, I 'will' be eating, and I 'will' be making new friends because really, isn't that what it's all about?

About the author:
Karla Pixler, a Portland native and freelance author can often be spotted at "Wired Sports Bar", pilfering food from the kitchen or hogging the fireside recliner writing juicy tidbits on the other patrons.

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