by: Don "Cheese" Akerlow

May 7th, 2007 After deliveries of The Break to Seattle and Portland leaving Portland 11 AM heading east on Interstate 84 arriving in Hood River and crossing over the Columbia River to Washington's Route 14 heading east. Travel the back roads to your pool tournament. When traveling out of town leave an hour early for every 100 miles you travel. Don't fool yourself and say that you will do it on the way home. We stopped in Lyle, Washington at the Tap Room around noon. It was closed and we left off 10 copies of The Break and continued eastward. You'll see more of what America used to be, no interstate, no exits, and no fast food. Enjoy the ambiance that you find in each community. You will discover a character that you may not know existed or forgot about. Don't be impatient if the road doesn't favor you. Wait your turn to pass and enjoy the scenery as you do. The back roads will usually not favor the giddy-up and go crowd but will favor those who like to find yourself more relaxed than you can imagine.

If you've ever heard the phrase, "You never know what's around the corner", it just may have come from traveling the back roads.

Stopped in Clarkston, Idaho on the way back from Portland and ate at Sharp's. Great food and even if it wasn't, they had a unique complaint system.

May 8th, 2007 Continuing on Hwy 12 heading east through the central pandhandle of Idaho came to Orofino. Stopped in a little bar called the Oasis and asked the bar maid if I could leave off The Break. Explained to her it was for the pool players and she said "Yes". I took The Break into the back and set them on a table. They had 2 Valley 8' tables - one with red cloth and I think the other one was green. I always check the cue balls to see if its an Aramith or a plugged cue ball. To my surprise it was the "grapefruit"! Yes, the oversized, big cue ball. I haven't seen one for nearly 8 years and it must be one of the last places, or at least I'd like to think it would be, in the country. I remember my days playing. It made hustlin' easier because you couldn't do what you wanted with it anyways. It makes you appreciate the Aramith red circle and especially the six dot.

We traveled eastward on Hwy 12 until we came to a walk bridge to walk across the river. Hwy 12 wound around the Locha River and on into Montana and then Missoula.

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You can see the road at the bottom right of the tree
On the far shoreline is Interstate 84
to the right heading to Portland
to the left around the bend heading east

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