Portland, Oregon
Featured in the September 2004 Issue

Samís Billiards in the Hollywood District of Portland Oregon first opened in October of 1962. The owners were Sam & Shirley Chapman who opened the room with 17 pool tables, now being hosted by their daughter Valerie Guyacy who welcomes you in. Over the years, Samís has hosted many of the legends of pool, Jimmy Caras, Willie Mosconi, Nick Varner, Jeanette Lee, Sarge Aylesworth and many more. The members of ďPink FloydĒ stopped in while performing in Portland on a couple of different occasions, played pool, and enjoyed the warm friendly atmosphere that has made Samís a welcome retreat for all who pass through their doors. Since opening Samís has evolved by adding beer and wine in the mid 70ís and hard liquor wasnít available until about five years ago.

Since 1984, Valerie has managed Samís Billiards boasting of an excellent kitchen, full bar and 12 pool tables with pool cues, cases and accessories for sale. Samís also has a variety of barroom games: Video Poker, Mega Touch, Foosball and Video Golf. From the kitchen you can savor fresh homemade meals, everything from beef stroganoff, prime rib, pasta, chicken and steaks, just to mention a few. There are tempting specials every night of the week where the ingredients are not prepared in advance. All meals are made to order.

Samís Billiards has hosted many charitable events the most recent being ďHot Shots for Hot LunchesĒ. In conjunction with Loaves & Fishes Meals-On-Wheels, Valerie held an open pool tournament with half of the dinner proceeds benefiting the Hollywood Meals-On-Wheels program. Samís is not just a place to go shoot pool. Valerie is involved in the community, itís needs and concerns and has generously opened her doors to help contribute. In the future Valerie is looking to have live music as part of the entertainment venue.

When you are in the Hollywood District, stop in at Samís, eat, drink, play some pool and take part in the warm friendly atmosphere. Enjoy!

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