Medford, Oregon
Featured in the December 2004 Issue

Rack'em opened for business in 1988, and has been in the same location now for 16 years. We were, at the time, one of the first completely non-smoking billiard rooms in the country. The room opened with 9 tables, some video games, and a small snack bar. Over the years we have upgraded in many areas, with an emphasis on making the room more and more a traditional poolroom. We have a very well stocked pro shop that always includes 100-200 different cues and cases from which to choose. The prices vary widely, with many cues in the $40-$100 range, and others going up $1500 or more. We also have an active pool table sales business. Along with table sales, we offer pool table service. We are very busy moving, recovering, and setting up pool tables for customers who have purchased them from us, or some other source such as the Internet or a private party. We also refinish and refurbish antique tables, such as the one shown in the Nov. "The Break" which was Billiard Digest's #2 home pool room for 2004. The table shown in that picture is one we purchased, and spent 6 months restoring. Our restaurant has expanded to offer burgers, chicken, salads and freshly made pizza. We do not serve alcohol. Along with our custom cue sales, we offer all types of cue repair, shaft replacement, and some custom cue building. We have always held lots of tournaments, and continue to have at least two each week, with larger monthly events scheduled also. Over the years we've been part of the NWPPA, and the USPPA. We regularly have 15-20 players from our room that play in the Sands Regency Pro Am 9-ball tournament every June and December.

In 2001 we did a major remodel on the inside of our building. The lengthy project (we were closed for remodeling for 7 months) replaced just about everything inside from carpet to walls to heating/AC units. We bought professional Diamond pool table lights for all our 9 foot tables, added 2 Diamond Professional 4 1/2x9 tables with pro cut pockets, 4 antique style coin-ops, a 1945 Brunswick Anniversary, and an original English 6x12 snooker table. The tables are all covered with granito basalt cloth, and have Centennial or Belgian premium balls. With the inside pretty much finished, we will begin a facade project on the outside of our building in the spring.

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