Featured in the April 2003 Issue

Cueing up the Old Traditions

Written by: Chris Fagundes

Come and take a "BREAK" at Java Billiards, in Auburn Washington, while there chalk one up to Doug and Chris Fagundes, the new owners, for their continued vision of this original and successful Smoke and Alcohol Free billiards hall with a full espresso, smoothie and soda bar on site. The only 100 percent smoke free pool hall in the area. Java Billiards goal is to offer a safe and encouraging environment for people of all ages and their families. We want to continue the legacy and concepts that Java Billiards has already set the standard for since its creation in 1994 by the previous owners. After purchasing the shop we've added some visible changes. We now have four TV's along with the big screen projector; a new sound system and have upgraded the video games. We have increased our pool cue stock as authorized dealers of McDermott, Joss, J & J and Action cues while continuing to offer accessories for the pool players needs. We have kept much the same at Java Billiards, but want to progress into a larger venue with a deli, adding dart boards, additional tables, games and live music on the weekends in the near future.

We would like to promote local talent, bands with a good message and word to send out. Locally there are many Christian bands out there just waiting for a chance, while others are on their way signing contracts and going on tour. In the past bands have played at Java Billiards prior to our ownership, that list includes Soul Deep, Out of Mouth, and Strange Occurrence who actively tour every few weeks and stop by to have a Latte' when back in town. Aside from the music aspect we are also considering starting a Youth league during the summer months to give kids something to do. Since we are working with churches frequently we may look into a church league as well.

Parties are welcomed at Java Billiards as we offer package deals for all occasions such as church lock outs, birthdays, team party's and more. We've had many a birthday party already at the shop, our sons Dylan and Hayden both had their party's there, and our daughter Catrina may also this summer. We are a family at Java Billiards and we want that family atmosphere apparent to all those who step through our doors. Our oldest daughter Mandy recently came on board with her bright and smiling face behind the counter also. Our kids all shoot pool and have a great time, they're pretty good too, so don't be fooled by their age!

We are very excited about the future, a future made possible by the love and support of our friends and family, our church family of Edgewood's Hope Church and our very special dear friend Leroy for opening doors, to Thom and Tammy Bachelder for trusting us with their baby, Java Billiards. We don't know what the big plan is; only God knows that, and we are most grateful to Him. What we do know is the Smoke and Alcohol Free aspect is appealing to many people of all ages and walks of life. Our goal is to impact this world by offering a place for friends and families to go and spend quality time together. Shining the light into a world so confused at times, we feel privileged that so many young kids would want to spend their time with us in our establishment instead of out partying and doing something they shouldn't be. However, it must be said we are blessed to serve all ages and skill levels at Java Billiards. Our faithful and loyal employees and customers are what makes owning this business so special and all the great people we get to meet. We get to know people from the youngest, to the well established players, from 7 to 70...we have a home and heart for them all here at Java Billiards.

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