Featured in the October 2003 Issue

Billiard Service Expands to New Store in Renton

For many years Leo Hancock has been providing the Puget Sound area and beyond with service to it's area pool tables, working mainly with the commercial and coin-op industries. Over time more and more folks began to find him and seek his service out for their own home tables. As they say, one thing led to another and he was handling more than a few balls, chalk and cues for his commercial clients. The opportunity presented itself for the family owned and run company to move to a full retail location without breaking the bank.

"We are trying to provide the best service and products without sending our customers to the poor house," is the philosophy quoted by Venetia Hancock, Leo's wife. " We will always cater to the commercial industry, the league players and tournament players out there. That is the heart of our business. But, Leo found years ago that people were sometimes paying way too much to enjoy the game in their own home. Many of our new customers are people who have never really learned to play pool. They want a table to add a new dimension to their leisure activities. The current events of the last couple years, 9-11, Iraq and the economy have really turned up the desire for people to stay home with their families.

The Hancock's have designed their store mostly with families in mind. There are cues and shooting supplies, but the emphasis has been put on outfitting the home billiard room with quality accessories and supplies that won't break the bank. And, what you don't see, you can probably order. "It's hard to stock every piece of furniture in every color available but we usually have the most popular things in." says Leo, "and we have enough that you can get a good idea of the quality that we have to offer before you order."

Of course, they still offer the same expert service for billiard tables. You will see the Leo Hancock Billiard Service logo on many commercial tables across the area. "We are so proud of our work, we want you to know who did the job and many of our customers seek us out because of that. We try to be the 'go to guys' when it comes to difficult moves and antique tables". You can find them at 325 Sunset Blvd. N, Renton, WA 98055 and coming soon at www.thepooltableguy.com.

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