(December Issue 2001)

Definitely, we are in the computer age! Computers enable mankind to solve problems and tap information much more efficiently than any other time in the history of man.

Provided your technical foundation is sound, programming could be the answer to why you aren't achieving a higher level as quickly as you would like. Much in the same way our mind works, the computer receives information and calculates answers quicker and more accurately depending on the information programmed into it. For example, if you programmed a computer to add and subtract only, a correct answer to multiplication would be impossible.

Our mind works along these principles too! Believe it or not, the human mind is the easiest of all species to program. Therefore, you need to examine yourself, where you are, where you're going and whether or not you have programmed yourself to get there. It could be your failures are a result of negative programming. How many times have you finished a tournament, placing right where you thought you should be? What might the result be had you programmed yourself with higher expectations? If these questions fit your profile you need to set some higher standards and goals for yourself. Bear in mind, these higher standards and goals require a higher standard of discipline and practice in order to reach the next goal level.

The subconscious mind is very powerful. Programmed properly, your subconscious can help you create amazing results. How many times have you played position where a ball could possibly hook you? If you hit the ball hard enough or soft enough you would get a decent shot. Hit the ball with an in between speed and you're hooked! You say to yourself "I don't want to end up here!" Ever notice how many times you end up hooked right behind the ball, where you didn't want to be? The subconscious only registers wants and desires. It doesn't register the difference between "do want" and "don't want". If you take the "do" or "don't" out of the thought, what do you have? "I want to end up here" is what you have and what you get!

You also need to surround yourself with a good support team. The idea is to be exposed only to positive support. The support team should consist of close friends, family members and others who are of a positive influence. One of their duties is to run interference, heading off anyone or anything of any negative nature. The player needs this help so he can focus towards the positive side of what he is doing. The support team takes care of all minute details for the player. The team itself is a form of positive programming, giving the player a feeling of security and self worth. As you build your support team don't forget to properly program yourself. Raise your standard of goals and began speaking positive about your self! These positive words need to be spoken often and with authority. Positive words create positive results, just as negative words give negative results, Relax. Speak good words. Given time, your ego will draw you to where you want to be.

Programming is very important. Correct programming is essential towards becoming a champion. Champions are not born. They are made!

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