Lakewood, Washington
Featured in the October 2004 Issue

Full Splice Family Billiards is located at 9324 South Tacoma Way, in Lakewood Washington and the Phone number is 1-253-512-6898. Full Splice Billiards is Owned and operated by Craig and Jennie Rittel. This billiard establishment is an all ages’ facility that is non-smoking and serves no alcoholic beverages. Operating hours are from 12:00 PM until 3:00 AM daily dependent on business. Full Splice Billiards has the best equipment in Western Washington available to its customers. Tables consist of six 4.5x9 and two 4x8 Pro-series Kasson Vermilion tables, these are the same tables used on the Pro-Billiard Tour during the 1990’s. The tables have 1 inch three piece Italian slate, Pocket diameter is 4 5/8 inch for corner pockets and 5 3/8 inch for side pockets, unshimmed which is the minimum allowable by BCA standards and offers a tight pocket with Very Good ball drop. The Rubber is Pro-AM K66 Super Speed Rubber which when combined with Simonis 860 cloth makes for a very fast table. Cost of table time from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM is $3 per hour for one person or $5 for 2-6 people. From 6:00 PM until close time will cost $6 per hour for one person and $10 per hour for 2-6 people. There is also a membership program, for $60 a month an individual can purchase a membership that covers their table time from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM seven days a week.

Full Splice Billiards also offers student discounts, please inquire within for more information. Full Splice Billiards also features a fully stocked billiard pro-shop. Normally there are between 70 and 120 different cues on hand for customers to select from. Customers can test hit balls prior to cue purchase, cues can be chalked with brown chalk provided by the establishment. All merchandise is guaranteed against manufacture’s defects and will be corrected or replaced depending on the problem encountered. Full Splice Billiards also has a cue trade-up policy, for cues purchased from their pro-shop. Buyers wanting to trade-up must purchase another cue which is at least $100 more expensive than the cue being traded. Refund for traded cue is based on the purchase price of the cue when new and the cue’s condition at trade-in. Full Splice Billiards has very fair prices on cues and accessories, and is generally a minimum of 20% lower than other local distributors so check out our prices before you purchase equipment anywhere else.

We also offer APA, BCA, and Military discounts of an additional 5% off the marked prices in the pro-shop, excluding repairs and table time. Full Splice Billiards also offers a full in house cue repair shop. Repairs consist of tip and ferrule replacement, in most cases while you wait, and all other repairs including refinishing cues. In the near future Full Splice Billiards will also feature a Cold Sandwich Deli and Coffee bar. Well, we hope to see you soon, so please have a wonderful day!!!!!!.

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