Featured in the September 2002 Issue

Written by: Brad Gowin
Cue's Billiard Club is the largest and one of, if not, the nicest poolrooms on the west coast. With sixteen thousand square feet of space. Cue's has plenty of room for its 46 tables, consisting of 33 (4 1/2 x 9) pool tables, 2 (5 x 10) billiard tables, 1 (4 1/2 x 9) billiard table, 1 (5 x 10) pool table, 2 (5 x 10) snooker tables and 7 (4 x 8) bar tables. Sitting on carpet from Caesar's Palace, many of these tables have as much as 7 feet of space between each other. Truly, it is an awesome sight to see this many tables in one place.

Since February of this year owner Ron Springman has taken on a new project, to build a players room. It has 9 of the 46 tables and will be referred to as the green room. The green room has 4 (4 1/2 x 9) and 5 (4 x 8) bar tables for the bar players, theater seats, along with tables & chairs on a raised section for comfort while viewing matches. It hosts one blace 9-foot High Tech IV Gold Crown and three 9-foot Gold Crown II's. The II's all have the old original Monarch Super Speed rubber made in Chicago with 860 Simonis and play as good as any table you could dream about. Designed for the better players, Ron has decided to offer top players this area at a discounted rate. After all, he understands the top players in the area have supported pool for many years through the ups and downs of the game, making them senior citizens of the pool world. Ron is hoping this will reward better players, cultivate and inspire younger players to improve, and develop a better relationship between owners and players.

Currently, pictures are being hung. Neon pictures will soon decorate. Future plans include a 60+ inch high definition color TV, DVD, and VCR with a satellite dish for watching sporting events and tapes of pool matches.

Cue's Billiards is hoping to see you there. Check out their tournament schedule and our weekly tournaments.

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