Featured in the May 2003 Issue

Who says there is nowhere to go in Lynnwood? Radio talk show personality Tom Leykis says there is only one place worth going to, The Breaking Point. Owned by Jonathan Denning, The Breaking Point is the Northwest's premier poolroom. Since buying the room, Jonathan has put a lot of time, money and patience into changing the image of billiards.

Being a pool player myself, I have worked and played in many rooms, but never one quite like this. Jonathan expects his staff to keep the place like it was their own, making every experience there as enjoyable as possible.

The Breaking Point is the only room on the west coast to feature tables by Kim Steel. Manufactured in Europe, the Kim Steel table has a steel undercarriage and ten separate leveling points for the slate. There are also twelve of the popular Brunswick Gold Crowns. All of the tables are kept immaculately clean, as too are the Super Pro Aramith balls. It is the reason that, readers have voted The Breaking Point, "Highest rated poolroom in the Greater Seattle Area".

Not just a pool room, The Breaking Point also has a lounge which was just expanded last month from two tables to six. "Seamless, like it's always been there," is what the customers say about the new space. With two talented bartenders this is the perfect place to come no matter what you drink. Don't like to drink? How about getting to know your teenager? Now more than ever young people are getting interested in the sport and The Breaking Point is open to all ages.

Jonathan not only wanted the perfect room it had to have employees to match. In the bar you'll find Ben, Adrianne and Billie at the counter Jessica, Shari, John, Justin, or Dionna. A business' image is reflective of its employees and the ones here are top notch. Whether it is cleaning or telling a joke the staff is always there to help you.

Trying to keep most happy this is a smoking establishment with eight smoke eaters throughout to keep the air clean. You will also find videogames, an internet jukebox, and when the tummy starts to growl there's the café.

So when looking for the right place I also suggest The Breaking Point located at 5800 198 St SW Lynnwood. Try it just once you might just like it.

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