Featured in the September 2003 Issue

Welcome to All About Cues. We are Seattle Washington's most unique retail billiards store with everything your looking for in cues, balls, tables, cases, stools, books and a great in store service shop.

Sure we sell cues of all different kinds, and prices. That's just the beginning though. How we work with our customers is what makes the "Difference". We enjoy what we do, and have a strong passion for the game. When you come to us to purchase a cue we ask questions to help put you into a cue that will help your game. Our people will start by finding out what style of game you play. Do you use English often, or only when you need to get back in line with the cueball? What size table do you normally play on? What games do you prefer to play? How about your hand size, and your height? You may need a smaller diameter shaft, or longer cue. What type of price range, or budget would you like to stay in? How a cue feels will vary from person to person. So, you can see that when you shop with us your going to get a cue that feels right for you. Not just something off the wall to play with. Here's the best thing you can actually test drive a cue at our store. One we have a table just for this, and second we allow you to chalk the cue! If you decide you want a certain cue but don't care for the tip that's on it we'll change it. No charge for this, or changing the weight.

Along with our large cue selection we also carry just about every accessory on the planet. Whether it's for shaping the tip, cleaning the cue, or smoothing the shaft. We have it. Everyone knows that after getting the cue, and all the goodies you need somewhere to keep it all. Cases, cases, and more cases. Different shapes, styles, and colors we have them. Are you looking to improve your game? All About Cues carries instructional books, and videos to help take your game up a notch. You'll also find plenty of other pool related products you didn't know existed. Stop in and take a look around you will be glad you did.

Are you in the market for a new table? We have a good selection of custom billiard tables to choose from. Featuring traditional to contemporary. Everything from a table for your gameroom, to a custom piece of furniture for the home that will last a lifetime. Along with the table we can assist with your lighting, and gameroom furniture needs as well. How about a dart board, foosball table, or air hockey table? We carry those as well. Remember: A family that plays together stays together.

We hope to share the passion of billiards with every customer. When you shop with us our goal is to make your buying decision an enjoyable experience that you'll remember. By doing this we can continue to enjoy what we do here at All About Cues, and promote the sport we love.

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