Featured in the August 2001 Issue
Not Just Another Pool Hall
Written by: A.S. Ross

As you walk into the former storage facility for the Northern Pacific Railway Company you find a touch of class and charm with what is now known as Montana Ale Works. It consists of a private dining area called "The Grill Room", protected patio seating, more booths inside, a social pool room and a hidden nook for video poker/keno players. The bar offers a selection of forty-two beers on tap and a variety of fine wines, it would surely satisfy anyone's pallet. The restaurant has an extensive menu ranging from grilled salmon and T-bones to meat loaf and macaroni and cheese. The hours of business are 4PM-12AM Sunday through Thursday, and 4PM-1AM on Friday and Saturday.

Among the diverse crowds attracted to this spot are couples and families. The friendly non-smoking atmosphere is accompanied by carpeted floors and eight television sets. The abundance of natural lighting along with the wood ceiling and rafters highlight the spacious pool area. There are six regulation 4 x 8 tables and one snooker table, all pay by the hour, along with two coin-operated tables. The rate per hour is six dollars, even for the snooker table, and seventy-five cents per game for the coin operated tables.

Montana Ale Works is located on East Main Street in downtown Bozeman. The unique building is easy to find and has been well liked since it opened early last year. Early arrival is recommended in order to enjoy the dining and the entertainment that is offered. This is a great place to bring family, friends or that someone special.

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