The first issue of "The Break" was printed in September of 2000. We are proud and honored to have gotten to know personally the hundreds and maybe thousands of pool players that we have talked to and met. It has been a distinct honor to have brought to you our publication - "The Break". And to the hundreds of thousands each month that read the "e-Break" online, thank you for the emails, suggestions and compliments on our work and even the criticisms.

"The Break" first started with 16 pages (4 color pages) and 30 some advertisers and has grown into 36 pages, over 100 advertisers each month and 24 pages of color. Our distribution in the beginning was Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana - to six years later with subscriptions being sent to every state in the Union and four foreign countries. I personally deliver "The Break" monthly throughout Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. A trip of about 2,000 miles each month.

With the website being established in 2002 - onthebreaknews.com we established a link to hundreds of websites, and formed a web ring that started out very modestly with approximately twenty thousand visitors the first month - to over a quarter of a million visitors each month currently.

We cater to our advertisers, publishing results, articles, photos, all in full color, both in the printed version of "The Break" as well as on the web. There is nothing you have to join or buy. No memberships, just an abundance of information from the world of billiards - Breaking News, Pool On TV, Local Tournaments, promoting leagues, junior pool, weekly and regional tournaments. With product reviews of the newest gadgets, thing-a-ma-jigs and innovations from different inventors, to feature locations of pool rooms, bars, taverns, billiard suppliers where you would most likely enjoy playing or buying anything related to pool.

Local columnists from the Rocky Mountains all up and down the western seaboard. These columnists are active in the teaching, playing and instruction on the everyday basis as well as noted author and member of the Hall of Fame. (Click on the 4-Ball: COLUMNISTS)

The success of "The Break" is two fold, first paying attention to details and secondly are the pool players themselves, their interests and desires for this great game. We have heard from so many of you and we would like to thank all of you even the few that were whiners.

Cheeseco Music & Publishing began its pool magazines in 1989 with the first Montana VNEA Pool League Magazine. Originally, the magazine for the leagues was published twice a year with first and second half results.
A magazine was also started for the independent leagues in Butte, Montana, which at the time had the largest independent league in the nation. Butte Pool League Magazine promoted the league players and their standings within their independent league system.
Other magazines were spawned from the original. The M.C.M.O.A. State 8 Ball Championships, published for the Montana Coin Machine Operators Association, had tournament results and photos, past winners' list, articles and congratulations for the players.
Cheeses Pool Tournament Magazine, was also an outcropping of the league magazine. Realizing a need for an organized monthly listing of pool tournaments that was not connected to the leagues, gave birth to the first pool tournament magazine. The tournaments have grown from listings only in Montana to listings in Alaska, California, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada and Wyoming.
1999 Marked the first year a South Dakota Valley Pool League Magazine was published, with a full color gloss cover. It contained league results, photos and tournament information for the South Dakota Valley pool players.
The year 2000 marked the emergence of On The Break a newspaper for pool players in the Northwest. It covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California with tournaments, leagues, local, national and worldwide news of interest to the poolplayers, as well as, instructional and trick shot articles. The paper is published monthly with a readership of over 20,000 and is found in over 1,000 locations.
Founder and publisher, Don "Cheese" Akerlow, a pool player himself, started publishing magazines to promote pool. The Break is dedicated to the advancement of the sport of pool and to promoting enthusiasm and encouragement among the players at all levels, regardless of their league affiliation, in addition to recognizing those businesses who support them all.

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