Daniel Dagotdot Wins/Jeremy Sossei Takes the Pro

Daniel Dagotdot Wins the Amateur event while Jeremy Sossei Takes the Pro 10-ball at the
1st Annual Reverend Clarence Keaton Memorial
By Alison M. Fischer, NYCgrind.com

(photo: Mariah Carey & "The Rev")

On September 11-12, Tony Robles spearheaded the $1,000, added 1st Annual Reverend Clarence
Keaton Memorial Tournament, as the 14th stop on the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 2010 season.  Reverend Clarence Keaton, known as “The Rev” by many players, frequented Master Billiards (where the memorial event was held), along with many other New York pool rooms. Well-loved by many members of the pool community, Reverend Clarence Keaton lost his battle against cancer last year.  Reverend Keaton was a close friend of tour founder Tony Robles, and would regularly drive to the US Open and The Super Billiards Expo with Tony and his son Shawn Keaton, who is one of New York’s top emerging talents.

Along with Shawn, a number of other up-and-coming players competed in the A/B/C/D 9-ball event in this memorial, including John Alicea, Noel Bensurto, Daniel Dagatdot, Jerry Tarantola, Mike Panzerella, and Stewart Warnock. In total, 70 of New York’s top players came out to help memorialize “The Rev’s” presence and influence on pool in NYC.

(photo: ABCD Event L-R 2nd Place: Andrew Kane, 3rd Place: Arturo Reyes & 1st Place Winner Daniel Dagotdot)

The story of the Amateur event of the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 9-ball championships was centered around the transition of Daniel Dagotdot from a B player to an A player. Daniel has been playing progressively stronger, and building confidence in his game and tournament play. This up-and-coming
Fil-Am pool player has been impressive in a combination of dominant and clutch wins, helping him pull all of the pieces of his game together in a way that is a threat to any pool player in the NY landscape.

Daniel went through the field undefeated with wins over Tony Liang 7-5, Ed Culhane 7-4, John Alicea 7-4, Alex Gilvarg 7-4, Steve Wright 7-2, and ultimately Andrew Kane 7-4. Andrew Kane bounced back with a “W” over Arturo Reyes 7-5, giving him the re-match opportunity. In the final match, Daniel capped off an impressive tournament with a dominant performance, which led to a dominant 7-2 win for his first Ozone Billiards Predator Tour 9-ball win. In July’s tour stop at Amsterdam Billiards, Daniel had finished second
to John Alicea in the finals, and showed the field in this event that his close loss in the finals fueled him to take his game to the next level.

Other stand-out players in this event were Gail Glazebrook, who won a total of four matches, but lost one round before the money, along with Arturo Reyes and Steve Wright, who both showcased heart and explosive play.

Final Results
1st: Daniel Dagotdot $1,000
2nd: Andrew Kane $600
3rd: Arturo Reyes $400
4th: Steve Wright $300
5/6th: Patrick Meyers, Alex Gilvarg $200
7/8th: Luis Novas, Stewart Warnock $150
9-12th: Alberto Estevez
Willie Santiago, Mike Hertz, Juan Guzman $100

Open/Pro Event L-R, 2nd Place: Tony Robles, 3rd Place: Sean Morgan and 1st Place Winner: Jeremy Sossei

Kicking off late Saturday afternoon, the Open/Pro 10-ball event featured top-level talent such as Hunter Lombardo, Holden Chin, Jeremy Sossei, George Sansouci, Mike Miller, Sean Morgan and Zion Zvi.  Top NY female player “Snooky” Diana Rojas showed a lot of heart to tangle with the big boys in
this event as well.

Top Florida pro player Hunter Lombardo stayed around NY long enough after the Seminole Empire State 10-Ball Championships to participate in this 10-ball event. Hunter opened with an impressive 8-3 win over Holden Chin, as well as a clutch hill-hill victory over Mhet Vergara, before losing to Tony
Robles 8-6 and Ginky 8-5.

Tony Robles brought his “A” game, and was determined to honor his late friend Clarence Keaton by showing the heart that “The Rev”, as he is known by his friends, always brought to the table. Tony defeated Phil Davis 8-5, Jeremy Sossei 8-6, Hunter Lombardo 8-6, and “Alaska” Sean Morgan 8-3… earning a spot in the finals undefeated.  Meanwhile, Sean Morgan had been turning heads with gritty play, defeating Zion 8-4, Mike Wong 8-7, and Jerry Tarantola 8-6, before losing to Tony Robles 8-3, then Jeremy Sossei 8-7.

Young gun Jeremy Sossei opened up with an 8-6 win over Diana Rojas before losing to Tony Robles 8-6. However, Jeremy dug deep to grind back from the one-loss side to eventually meet Tony Robles in the finals for a rematch. Jeremy’s road to the finals led him through Zion Zvi 8-6, Mike Miller 8-2,
Jerry Tarantola 8-6 and Ginky 8-7. Jeremy followed the semifinal up with another hill-hill match in the finals to capture top honors in the 1st Annual Clarence Keaton Memorial.

Tony Robles and the Predator Tour would like to thank their sponsors:

Predator Cues, Poison Cues, Ozone Billiards, Delta-13 Racks, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Seminole Pro Tour, Poolonthenet.com, AZBilliards.com, www.pool.bz, Billiards Press, Cuetable.com, Master Chalk, RJH Custom Cues, Webb Custom Cues, Jim Murnak Cue Cases, Go4Pool.net, NYCgrind.com, Billiards Digest, Inside Pool Magazine, Pool & Billiards Magazine, Maxim Billiards & The Tournament Guide.

Open/Pro Final Results:
1st: Jeremy Sossei $800
2nd: Tony Robles $500
3rd: Sean Morgan $345
4th: George Sansouci $200

“Fireball” Strikes New York

“Fireball” Strikes New York

Last Updated on Friday, September 10, 2010 12:52 pm
Written by Gerry Mayen
Friday, September 10, 2010 10:28 am

The Seminole Pro Tour, in conjunction with the Predator Tour, rolled into West Hempstead, New York for the 7th tour stop at Raxx Pool Room. There was a full field of 64 exceptional players.  It was one of the strongest fields to date on the tour with several players from the greater New York region and the entire Northeast.  The Pro Tour would not be complete without the die-hard players on hand to keep it interesting. The accumulation of points from each event moves the players one step closer to the 2010 Seminole Pro Tour Player of the Year title, which is still up of grabs.

Stevie Moore is just five points behind Corey Deuel for the leader spot of the 2010 Player of the Year standings.  Moore had a rough start to the weekend by suffering a first round loss to eventual third place finisher Josh Brothers 7-2.  He would make his way through the one-loss side of the bracket with wins against Paul Ravel 7-1, Mike Vednak 7-5, Barry Banks 7-6 and Shaun Wilkie 7-6.  These string of victories put Moore in the money at the end of day one.  Day two would not be too kind for Moore.  His first match was against Tony Robles.  Robles would end the weekend for Moore by defeating him 8-3.  Moore finished in 13/16th place and gained 50 points in the Player of the Year standings, but he would need much more than that to try to maintain first place.  With his 50 points, Moore would only temporarily be in the lead by 45 points, but with other players still remaining in the tournament and earning points as they progressed through the brackets, Moore’s lead was in jeopardy.

One excellent match in the first round was last year’s Empire State defending champion, Dennis Hatch, facing the same player whom he beat for the title, Manny Chau.  The balls did not seem to roll in the favor of Chau at all.  He struggled with some straight shots and seemed to not have his usual fine touch.  Hatch would go on to have a shutout win 7-0.  Chau would then face his next opponent Joe Panzerella.  Chau was still not able to find his groove and lost again, but this time to a score of 7-6.  Just like that – last year’s runner-up was out of the tournament with two straight devastating losses.

The big story of this tour stop featured world champion Mike Sigel.  Sigel made a spectacular debut on the 2010 Seminole Pro Tour by doing something few players have been able to pull off on any other pro tour ever.  Sigel began the day by beating Ray Romanski 7-0.  Sigel would then square up against Mike Wong and would defeat him 7-0.  Sigel’s next opponent would be Shawn Wilkie.  Wilkie finished in the money at the Seminole Pro Tour Gem City Open in Marietta, Georgia earlier this year in a field that has been arguably the toughest on tour this year.  Sigel would cruise past Wilkie 7-0 to finish a perfect run on day one.

Mike Davis had an impressive run at Diamond Billiards, running 18 racks in a row, but it was Sigel who was able to complete a perfect first day.  Sigel would start day two against Minnesota’s Dustin Morris, who finished the Diamond Billiard’s tour stop in 7/8th place and has been shooting extremely well as of late on tour.  Morris would fall victim to the ‘Sigel streak’ with a loss of 8-0. Sigel, so far, had won 29 straight racks. Next, Sigel faced Mike “The Fireball” Dechaine.  Siegel won the first rack, running the streak to 30 straight.  Dechaine, taking the ‘Sigel streak’ as a personal challenge, would end the streak by winning the next rack.  Dechaine would continue to shoot extremely well and not only end the streak at 30, but also end Mike Segil’s run on the winner’s side of the bracket.  Dechaine would win by a score of 8-6.  Sigel would go on to face “Iron” Mike Davis on the one loss side.  Davis was on a roll and would beat Sigel 8-5 ending a spectacular tournament for “Captain Hook” Mike Sigel.

Corey Deuel, current leader in the Player of the Year standings, came into this tournament playing the best he has all season.  Winning the last tour stop at Diamond Billiards in Cape Coral, FL ranked Deuel atop the standings for the time being.  With Stevie Moore right at his heals, only five points behind, Deuel would have to have a great finish in this tournament to create some space in the standing.  Creating space is exactly what Deuel would do over the weekend.  Deuel would finish day one on the winner’s side of the bracket after dominating wins over pro tour regular Bill Dunsmore 7-1, Rafael Dabro 7-4 and Mike Miller 7-3.  Deuel would catch a very fortunate break at the beginning of day two.

Deuel was scheduled to play Earl Herring, who was shooting very strong on day one, but Herring did not show up to play on day two due to prior work obligations.  This placed Deuel one match away from the hot seat match.  To get there Deuel would have to face a tough Jeremy Sossei.  Deuel would narrowly get by Sossei 8-6 and advance to play Mike Dechaine in the hot seat match.

Mike Dechaine was no doubt playing the best he has all season on the Pro Tour.  After his huge victory over Mike Segil, Dechaine seemed to be on a roll and could not be stopped.  With the all the spectators buzzing over Dechaine ending the streak by Mike Sigel, Dechaine took this opportunity to make a bigger statement.  He began the match against Deuel on fire, taking an early 4-1 lead.  Dechaine miscued while hitting the 5 ball, sending the cue right into the commentators booth.  Dechaine seemed as surprised for the miscue as were the several spectators that lined the rail at Raxx Pool Room.  Known for his fiery attitude, this could have been a turning point in the match that would allow Deuel to post a comeback.  Deuel did win the next two racks to bring the score to 4-3, but Dechaine kept his composure and finished off Deuel 8-4 to become the king of the hill.

Deuel would visit the one loss side to play Josh Brothers for a chance to play Dechaine for the championship.  Brothers – who had also been sent to the one loss side by Dechaine (8-6) – was out for revenge if he got the chance to see Dechaine in the finals.  Deuel would be the one who would get his opportunity at revenge as he would defeat Brothers 8-5.

The championship match between Mike Dechaine and Corey Deuel would go very similar to their first match – up.  Dechaine jumped out to an early lead, placing Deuel in a tight spot to attempt a comeback.  Dechaine would miss a few easy shots that would get him a bit rattled, but through it all Dechaine kept focused and come away as the new Seminole Pro Tour/ Empire State Championship/ Predator Tour Stop 2010 Champion.  Congratulations to Mike Dechaine for his superb display at the tournament and for winning the $4,000 first prize.  This puts seven tour stops in the books for the year with seven different winners.  The one bright spot for Deuel was that with his second place finish, he earned 125 Player of the Year points and would be the leader after the weekend, enjoying a very comfortable 80-point lead over Stevie Moore.

We would like to thank Holden Chin, owner of Raxx Pool Room, and the entire staff for being wonderful hosts for this event.  We would also like to thank Tony Robles and the Predator Tour for their partnership in bringing this event together.  Please join us for our next Seminole Pro Tour stop, the final of the season before the Steve Mizerak Championship, at Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor Florida on October 9-10.
Final Payouts:

1st  Mike Dechaine  $4000
2nd  Corey Deuel  $3000
3rd  Josh Brothers  $2000
4th  Mike Davis  $1500
5/6th   Mike Sigel  $1000
5/6th  Jeremy Sossei  $1000
7/8th  Tony Robles  $600
7/8th  Georger Sasoucie $600
9/12th  Dustin Morris  $410
9/12th  Scott Freeman  $410
9/12th  Earl Herring   $410
9/12th  Dennis Hatch  $410
13/16th  Stevie Moore  $305
13/16th  Matt Krah  $305
13/16th Joey Korsiak  $305
13/16th Mustafa Diliitas $305