Keeney and Tokoph Winners at Table Steaks

ladies:  8 players – $400 Added

(pictured: left to right Nicole Keeney, Melissa Little)

1st     $400    Nicole Keeney, Littleton, CO
2nd      280    Melissa Little, Westminster, CO
hot seat:  Melissa Little defeats Julie Schultz 7-6, quarter-finals: Nicole Keeney defeats Carol James 7-2
semi-finals:  Nicole Keeney defeats Julie Schultz 7-5
1st set of finals:  Nicole defeats Melissa 7-4, 2nd set of finals:  Nicole defeats Melissa 7-3

open:  52 players – $2600 Added
1st        $1350    Tommy Tokoph, Albuquerque, NM
2nd           800     Mark Haddad, Westminster, CO
3rd            600     Chuey Rivera, Denver, CO
4th            400      Tony Piazza, Morrison, CO
5-6th        275       Ron Lincoln, Parker, CO
5-6th        275       Dave Gomez, Denver, CO

Tommy Tokoph, (owners - Antionette Wharton and Bobby Brown), Mark Haddad

7-8th        160       Neal Morrison, Denver, CO
7-8th        160      Sam Cordova, Pueblo, CO
9/12th      100       Ruben Silva, Colorado Springs, CO
9-12th      100       Ed Borrego, Denver, CO
9-12th      100       Bobby Begey, Greeley, CO
9-12th      100      Mike Hellmer, Ft. Collins, CO
hot seat:   Tommy Tokoph defeats Chuey Rivera 9-2, quarter-finals:  Mark Haddad defeats Tony Piazza 9-7
semi-finals:  Mark Haddad defeats Chuey Rivera 9-8, 1st of finals:  Tommy defeats Mark 9-4
This is Tommy Tokoph’s first win on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour

Compton Wins Southwest 10 Ball

Chip Compton remained undefeated in the first stop of the Tiger Southwest 10 ball tour. The $1500 added event drew 44 players from all across the region and was held at Jamaica Joe’s in Midwest City, OK on September 11th.
Shane McMinn finished second after getting put in the one loss side by Compton earlier in the event. Joey Gray lost the hot seat match to Compton by a score of 7-4. McMinn defeated Allen Hanson 7-6, Caleb Moore 7-5 and then faced Gray to see who would play in the finals. McMinn seemed to waste very little time defeating Gray 7-4 to advance to the finals to face Compton once again.
McMinn jumped out to an early lead but would still fall short as Compton would defeat McMinn in a double hill match buy a final count of 9-8

Here are the results of the players who got in the money.

1st- Chip Compton OKC $1090
2nd- Shane McMinn Tulsa $880
3rd- Joey Gray OKC $550
4th- Caleb Moore OKC $280
5-6 Allen Hanson Lawton OK $100
Tommy Tokoph Albuquerque NM. $100