Terry Petrosino Wins

OB Cues Ladies Tour Championship Stop Brings 1st Tour Win for Terry Petrosino

(pictured from left to right: Jennifer Kraber, Roy Robinson, and Terry Petrosino)

It was a smashing weekend November 13th & 14th at Casper’s Billiards in San Leon, Texas.    The weather was just how we liked it…..rainy and cool, prime conditions for being indoors and playing 9-ball all weekend long.  Casper’s Billiards is like no other pool room on our tour.  The food menu offers a wide variety of seafood specials, delicious sandwiches, steaks, burgers, etc. to whet everyone’s hungry appetite.   Kathy and Roy Robinson, owners of Casper’s and voted one of the best billiards rooms in the country, served as our host site in March as well as our Championship Stop during 2010.  All of our OBCLT family, friends, supporters always enjoy their time there and looks forward to the next time we will meet again.  Thank You, Casper’s for being part of our OBCLT family.

The OB Cues Ladies Tour (formerly Hunter Classics Amateur Tour) has been in existence for 18 years now.  Our main title sponsor, OB Cues, who took over sponsorship in 2008, owned by Don Owen and Royce Bunnell were also in attendance at Casper’s.  Don & Royce received special recognition from the players for allowing us to continue to pursue our dream and enjoy our passion, as well as providing us a special venue to further develop our extended family and friends by keeping the tour together.  Don and Royce, we couldn’t do it without you and know that we appreciate you more than words can say.  Thank You.

The tour also announced a new co-sponsor named Pool-300.  Pool-300 is a new pool league concept coming soon to a poolroom in your neighborhood.   You will be hearing more about this in the future.  So keep your eyes and ears open for learning more about this new adventure.

As this was our Championship Stop for this year, it was also time to crown our 2010 OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion.  At the time of the Player’s Meeting, it was too close to call as Lisa Marr was ahead in points but only by 150 to her closest rival, Jennifer Kraber.  Midstream in the tournament as Jennifer suffered a 1st round loss and Lisa won her 3rd match of the day, it was announced that Lisa Marr was the 2010 OBCLT Champion for her 3rd year in a row.  Fantastic Job, Lisa!  You are the best!

The 2010 Most Improved Player was awarded to Michelle Prince from Katy, Texas.  Michelle has demonstrated a winning style and attitude throughout the duration of her past two years playing on the tour.  She improved in the rankings from 27th to 15th and was most deserving of this prestigious award.  Congratulations Michelle!  Your hard work has paid off and it shows!

For the Main Event, thirty-two players were vying for the $750 first place prize monies and it was anybody’s guess who was going to be the winner.  Returning on Sunday still undefeated were Angela Garza vs. Lisa Marr and Terry Petrosino vs. Michelle Cortez.  On the one-loss side, it was Jennifer Kraber vs. Ricki Lee Casper and Amanda Lampert vs. Deanna Kinola.  Ricki and Deanna finished 7th/8th while Amanda and Angela finished 5th/6th.

Michelle Cortez, who was celebrating her birthday on Sunday, had a very solid year of high finishes.  In this event, she was defeated by Jennifer Kraber to take 4th place.  With her previous high finishes, she placed 7th in the final 2010 rankings.  Congratulations Michelle!  We are proud of you!

In the semi-final match, it was once again the top two ranked players, Jennifer Kraber and Lisa Marr.  These two have waged plenty of battles against each other all year long and this time was no different.  Jennifer was again triumphant at this event, sending Lisa home with a 3rd place finish.  Congratulations Lisa on being the 2010 OBCLT Regional Tour Champion, for three times in a row.  You are indeed a champion and always pleasant to watch!

Jennifer, after losing her 1st match against OBCLT Board Member, Julie Stephenson 7-6, came back and won 8 matches to earn her spot in the finals match against Terry.  Jennifer had the best year ever since playing on the tour.  She finished overall in 2nd place in the rankings and finished 2nd place at this weekend’s event.   Congratulations Jennifer, you are a joy to watch, always a good sport and a verifiable champion through and through!

Terry Petrosino played in 3 of the 9 OB Cues Ladies Tour stops this year.  Ironically, the last time she played was in March and it was at Casper’s where she placed 9th-12th.  This time, it was different.  She defeated a number of strong shooters, starting out with Tara Williams, Julie Stephenson, Lisa Henderson-Major, Michelle Cortez, Lisa Marr and then Jennifer Kraber in the finals 7-5.  She played very strong and strategic.  Terry always has been a strong contender since playing on the tour but this time there was no looking back.  She was cool and stroking like a champ.  She stayed on target and focused to achieve her 1st OB Cues Ladies Tour win ever and capturing the 1st place prize money of $750.  Congratulations Terry and we know you will be in the winner’s circle at future OBCLT events!

See you in 2011 – 1st Tour Stop, January 29th & 30th at Rusty’s in Arlington, Texas – www.obcuestour.com

Tournament payouts – $2000 added monies

1st – Terry Petrosino – $750

2nd – Jennifer Kraber – $550

3rd – Lisa Marr – $400

4th – Michelle Cortez – $260

5th/6th – Amanda Lampert, Angela Garza – $160

7th/8th – Deanna Kinola, Ricki Lee Casper – $100

9th/12th – Lisa Henderson-Major, Natalie Mans, Julie Stephenson, Ashley Nandrasy – $50

13th/16th – Monica Anderson, Yvette Reyes, Amber Stone, Belinda Lee – $30

Second Chance – $350 added monies

1st – Ashley Nandrasy – $135

2nd – Natalie Mans – $100

3rd – Lisa Henderson-Major – $65

4th – Robyn Petrosino – $30

5th/6th – Julie Stephenson, Tara Williams – $10

Other Tournament Winners:

Free Entry – $30 – Jennifer Kraber

Starbucks Gift Cards $25 each – Deanna Kinola, Janea Taylor

14.1 DVD Collection – Ashley Nandrasy (DVD’s provided by OBCLT Supporter Samiel Nguyen)

Pool Dawg Box of Master Chalk (provided by OBCLT Player Samm Diep) – Kim Pierce

Pool Dawg Towel (provided by OBCLT Player Samm Diep)  – Lucille Donahue

Pool Dawg Glove (provided by OBCLT Player Samm Diep)  – Becky Jones

OB Cues Ladies Tour Bumper Stickers – Shirley Fields

OB Cues Ladies Tour Magnet Button – Rebecca Riley, Belinda Lee

America Heart Dress for Red Pin – Ricki Lee Casper

Breast Cancer Pins – Monica Anderson, Yvette Reyes

$200 Perfect Attendance Winner – Monica Anderson

OB  Cues Raffle Winners:

Clement Nicolini – Casper’s customer

Frank “Pancho” Gonzalez – Casper’s customer


(Photo: David Gutierrez & Andy Jethwa)

The first Lone Star Event held at the brand new Houston’s Billiard Saloon drew Texas’ “cream of the crop” players including Charlie Bryant, David Gutierrez, Doug Young, Brian Rosenbaum, Andy Jethwa, Ernesto Bayaua, Marc “Mighty Mouse” Garza and junior champion brothers J.C. and Joey Torres. There were 51 entrants in all, with 11 women, who turned out to play for almost $4,000 in cash.

Saturday’s play whittled the field down to 12 for Sunday. Winners’ side final 8 match-ups included an “All Louisiana” shoot-out between Robert Dorsey and Derrick Cantu, Grady Cooper v. Jethwa, Brent Thomas v. Bryant, and Gutierrez v. Rosenbaum. On the west side, it was Sonny Bosshamer, Yoko Joe, Young and Garza. Winners’ side yielded Dorsey v. Jethwa, and Bryant v. Gutierrez; Cantu v. Garza and Thomas v. Rosenbaum on the one loss side. Ultimately, east side action saw Jethwa and Bryant face-off for the hot seat. Jethwa played perfect and defeated Bryant 9-3 while Dorsey and Gutierrez bested Rosenbaum and Garza respectively. Gutierrez then eliminated Dorsey 7-2, Bryant 7-5, and met Jethwa in the final. The first set went to Gutierrez 9-6, but the second set was game for game. In the final hill hill game, players traded shots on a 6-ball safety until Gutierrez made a crucial mistake that left Jethwa out. It was a thrilling finale that had fans and live stream viewers on the edge of their seats!

Shaun Inscoe, Derrick Cantu, GM Glenn Thompson, Robert Dorsey

On A Special Note: Who says the same players always win? Andy Jethwa has been a Lone Star Tour Player since its early beginnings in 2009.  The path he has adhered to, and playing regularly on the Lone Star tour, has helped propel him to his first win on the Lone Star tour  which is a significant win in the sport of billiards.  He became the 10th title winner this year. We applaud him for his perseverance and dedication to improving his game and becoming a true champion.

The ladies event drew 11 top Texas women that included Terry Petrosino, Ming Ng, Courtney Peters, Ricki Casper, Teresa Garland and Austin favorite Jasmine Bartz. It was a mother-daughter hot seat match between Robyn Petrosino and mother Terry who ultimately bested daughter 7-2. After she suffered an initial final four blow by T. Petrosino 7-4, Ng fought back with wins over Casper, Peters, R. Petrosino, and finally T. Petrosino for the win.

Kim White, Junior Player Michael Fain

Congratulations to Kerry “The Panther” Ganther and Leroy Hawkins who finished top 16, their highest finishes to date. Ricki Casper won a Poison Strychnine Redline Cue and junior player Michael Fain took home a Poison VX Jumper in the Lone Star raffles which help support the venues.

Finally, many thanks to Bobby and Chris Rone and their Houston’s Billiard Saloon staff for providing yet another first rate tournament room in Houston. LSBT thanks its sponsors, Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack, Leagueshirts.com, and Barnett Ranching for their continued support.

The next tour stop will be October 9th-10th at Slick Willie’s in Houston, Westheimer @ Dairy Ashford. There will be 4 events at this stop: Open 10-Ball, Ladies 9-Ball, Open One Pocket, and a Junior Tournament.

Open Payouts:

1st David Gutierrez $700

2nd Andy Jethwa $500

3rd Charlie Bryant $300

4th Robert Dorsey $200

5th-6th Brian Rosenbaum, Marc Garza $100 ea.

7th-8th Brent Thomas, Derrrick Cantu $80 ea.

9th-12th Sonny Bosshamer, Doug Young, Yoko Joe, Grady Cooper $45 ea.

13th-16th Kerry Ganther, Leroy Hawkins, Joey Torres, Jason Bacon





Ladies Payouts:

1st Ming Ng $230

2nd Terry Petrosino $135

3rd Robyn Petrosino $90

4th Courtney Peters $50

5th-6th Loretta Lindgren, Ricki Casper

7th-8th Teresa Garland, Heather Bryant

9th-12th Belinda Lee, Jasmine Bartz, Bobby Nguyen