Abraham Win Main Line Stop

(Photo: Eddie Abraham owner Mike and Josh Brothers)

Mezz Pro-Am Tour made its way to Main Line Billiards in Frazer Pa Sunday June 27th.  A strong field of 30 player came out to play player like Eddie Abraham, Josh Brothers, Ed Matushonek, Shaun Wilkie, Chip Klein, Bruce Nagle, Stosh Benton, Carl Khan, and Derek Schwager.
Leading the top half of the bracket was Eddie Abraham with wins over Sam Quinzi 7-3, Lou Patrikios 7-1, and Bruce Nagle 7-6.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Josh Brothers with wins over John Talamini  7-4, Larry Ingram 7-0, Chip Klein 7-2, and Shaun Dobson 7-0.
Playing for the hot seat was Eddie Abraham Vs Josh Brothers this was a one sided match with Eddie Abraham winning easily 7-1.  Sending Josh Brothers to the one lost side, waiting for Josh Brothers was Ed Matushonek this was a good match with Josh Brothers pulling away late in the match to win 7-4.
In the finals it was Josh Brothers VS Eddie Abraham, Josh Brothers has to beat Eddie Abraham twice to win the event.  The first set was a good match with Josh Brothers winning 7-5 in the second set the players decided to be Co-Champions for the event.

1st              Eddie Abraham         $620
1st              Josh Brothers           $620
3rd              Ed Matushonek         $250
4th              Shaun Wilkie             $150
5th/6th        Bruce Nagle              $100
Shawn Dobson          $100
7th/8th      Stosh Benton/ Bob Burt  $25