Blacker Takes No Bull

Blacker Takes no Bull at Senior State Championships.

(Photo: John Ditoro, Gary Gilsinan (owner), Walter Blacker)

23 players showed up for the $500 Added FL Senior 8 Ball Championships at Ultimate Billiards in Ft Pierce. This event was co sponsored by The UPL universal pool League formed by Corey Deuel.

The event would prove to be a big hit with some notable names like John Ditoro, John Foster, Ed Kiess, Dave Ross and Floyd reasons to mention a few that showed up. John (The Bull) Ditoro would prove why he was considered a favorite by making his way to the hotseat match with wins over Todd Anderson, Tony Ferreira 5-1, Danny Consillio 5-4 and then a hard fought win over John Foster 5-4 to put him in the winners side final where he would meet Walter Blacker. Blacker made his way to the finals with strong wins over Glen Miller 5-3, Nick Lappitalo 5-2, Jerry Sotelo 5-2 and then Floyd Reason 5-2 to make it to the finals to face Ditoro. The hotseat match would see Ditoro come out strong and Dominate to take blacker down 5-2, Blacker would now have to wait for his opponent to come from the one loss side.

The one loss side would see several players on collision courses, Fred Kenney and Dirty Bob both lost there first round matches and would both go onto have 5 wins each before meeting each other with Kenney coming out with a 4-3 win Kenney would then go onto lose to Floyd Reasons 4-0. Zeno Rawley was another player navigating his way through the one loss side after 4 straight wins he would run into John Foster who took him down 4-1. Foster would then go onto beat Floyd reason to set up a semi final match with Blacker.

The semi Final would see a rejuvenated Blacker as he took control of the match taking foster down 4-1 to set up revenge meeting with Ditoro.

The final would be a race to 5 with a possible one Rack Shoot out if the player who captures the hotseat was to lose the first race. This will be the format for the Poison tour for the new 2010-2011 season in all events.

The final would have everything, Great run outs, Safeties, Kicking and banter which you tend to get a little more of playing 8 Ball. Ditoro was looking like making short work of Blacker when leading 4-2 the mistakes started to creep in and slowly but surely Blacker pegged his way back to 4-4 and would take the 9th game to set up a one Rack Shoot out. Blacker would eventual take the one rack shootout after a long hard fought Safety battle and a failed Kick from Ditoro on the 8 Ball Blacker held his nerve to take the title of Florida State Senior Champion along with $450 plus the Trophy.

The senior event proved to be a great hit for players and fans watching, The Poison tour will be looking to put on further senior events with a $250 Added one already penciled in for October 17 at Strokers in Palm Harbor Fl.  We would like to thank Ultimate Billiards and there staff for another great event and our sponsors for this event Poison Cues and Universal Pool league.


1st Walter Blacker $450

2nd John Ditoro $300

3rd John Foster $200

4th Floyd Reasons $100

5th-6th Fred Kenney, Zeno Rawley $60

New Jersey State 8 Ball Championships

(Picture winner Manny Chau, Billiards Manager Gary Serafine, 2nd place finisher Josh Brothers )

The 2nd annual New Jersey State 8 Ball Championships sponsored by Mezz Cues took place at Atlantic City Billiard Club on Saturday & Sunday July 17th & 18th.  A Strong field of 33 Players came out to play, players like Manny Chau, Josh Brothers, Rob Hart, Matt Krah, Jose Cruz, Joseph Testa, Randy Schwager, Adam Kiear and Bruce Nagle.
Leading the top half of the bracket was Manny Chau with wins over Ed Robson 7-0, Kevin Guimond 7-5, Brent Boemmels 7-0, and Josh Brothers 7-5.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Forty with wins over Chris Ruggerio 7-4, Bruce Nagle 7-5, Rob Metz 7-3, Jose Cruz 7-4.
Playing for the hot seat was Forty Vs Manny Chau this was a great match with Manny Chau pulling away late to win the match 7-5 and sending Forty to the one lost side.  Making a move on the one lost side was Josh Brothers with wins over Joey Testa 5-3, Matt Krah 5-2, and Forty 5-3 to get to the finals.
In the finals it was Josh Brothers VS Manny Chau, Josh Brother has to beat Manny Chau twice to win the event.  The first set was a great set at 5-5 Manny Chau went on to win the next two games and the set 7-5 and the new “New Jersey State 8 Ball Championship” Manny Chau.  I would like to thank Mezz for sponsoring the event.

1st             Manny Chau      $1000
2nd           Josh Brothers     $475
3rd            Forty                   $390
4th           Matt Krah            $225
5th          Jose Cruz               $150
5th          Joey Testa             $150
7th          Randy Schwager   $125
7th          Adam Kielar           $125