Blaze ABCD at One Shot Billiards

Blaze 9 ABCD Tour was held at One Shot Billiards in Somerset NJ on April 3rd.  A Strong field came out to play.

(Picture Winner Wali Muhammad, Snooki and runner up Victor Nau)

Leading the way on the winners side of the bracket was Wali Muhammad with wins over Joe Hong 9-8 John Woo 9-4 Danny Persiano 9-6.  Playing for the hot seat was Jose Burgos vs Wali Muhammad this was a good match with Wali pulling away late to win the match 9-6, to get the hot seat and sending Burgos to the one lost side.

Making his move on the one lost side was Victor Nau with wins over Ben Sadowski 7-4, Mario Persiano  7-4, Sandi 7-5, John Woo 7-6, Snooki  7-6, and Jose Burgos 7-1 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Victor Nau vs Wali Muhammad, Victor has to beat Wali twice to win the event.  This day belongs to Wali Muhammad as he won the match 9-7 and the event.

1st        Wali Muhammad    $500
2nd      Victor Nau               $350
3rd      Jose Burgos             $225
4th      Snooky                    $100