“The Sharks” knock off TJ’s

The Sharks

(photo: The Sharks)

Wild Card Team “The Sharks” knocks off  TJ’s Fall League claiming the stars and stripes trophy and the  $1,100  1st prize.   Going into the final week the Sharks were in last place in the standings of the Tj’s Classic Billiards in house eight ball league.  Their only hope of making it into “money week” was to win the luck of the draw wild card, which they did.  Money Week is is a test of the top three teams and the wild card team to make a four team play off.  The Sharks, in their first season,  were a big underdog going against veteran teams like The Cutters, Torpedoes and Scratch This.  Players, Tim Michaud, TJ Lee, Jason Dennison, Louis Stillman, Paul Perry and Lee Rutledge pulled together and emerged on top holding the cash and stars and stripes trophy. Results:

League MVP                   Marc Roderick                 $  100

1st                                 The Sharks                      $1,100

2nd                                Scratch This                    $  700

3rd                                 The Cutters                      $  370

4th                                 Torpedoes                        $ 100   TJ’s Gift Certificates