Briana Miller Wins Her First JPNEWT Event

Briana Miller wins her first JPNEWT event

Erin McManus takes 2nd and the trip to CHINA in November.

JPNEWTThis will not be Briana Miller’s last victory; you are sure to see this 14 year old again. Briana sailed through the 23 player field at Castle Billiards Bar & Grill Oct. 11, 2009. The event was a WPA qualifier for the Worlds with $1500 added. Without losing a single match Briana went straight to the top.  Her victims were Yomaylin Feliz, Olga Gashkova, Fran Crimi, and twice over Erin McManus.

The players that returned Sunday on the 1-loss side were Brenda Heras who continued over Colleen Shoop 7-2 and JiHyun Park- Thompson who beat Olga Gashkova 7-2. The winners side saw Erin McManus over Megan Smith 7-3and Briana Miller vs. Fran Crimi 7-3.

Briana Miller’s second match was with another up and coming player, Erin McManus for the hot seat. The match went back and forth for the first few games. It was played very quickly 7-4. Erin went over to the one loss side to meet Megan Smith and was very anxious to return and get another shot at the 14 year old wonder.  Erin carefully diagnosed her waiting opponent Megan Smith.  Megan Smith’s victories over Ji-Hyun Park Thompson 7-5 and Brenda Heras 7-4 were very intense. They were two very worthy opponents. She was ready and waiting for Erin.

The match started with Erin jumping out ahead 3 games. It took no time for Megan to catch up trailing 5-3. In the ninth game Erin caught a second wind and won 7-4.  After a short break the finals started with Erin winning the lag and breaking and running out. Erin doesn’t make any balls on the second break and Briana comes to the table and runs out. Briana breaks and runs out the next rack also, but doesn’t have a shot on the one ball on the next rack. Erin takes this game to make the score 2-2. The next couple games go into some safty play and Briana take a nice lead at 6-2. In the 9th rack, Briana misses a tough jump shot over the five ball this allows Erin to capture 2 games. She is unable to hold on to the table. Briana comes back to leave her at 4 and takes the win.

Thanks to all of our supporters, John and Minnie Trobiano of Castle Billiards and Cuetec Cues, Rick Phillippi, “The MONK” and BeBobPublishing, for all their support of this event.

Congratulations to Erin McManus for winning the spot to CHINA, also to JiHyun Park Thonpsom and Rhio Flores they are going to the APA Amateur Nationals.

Briana Miller will be going to Nicaragua in November to represent the United States in the WPA Junior World 9-Ball Championship

1st     Briana Miller          $800

2nd    Erin McManus       $550

3rd     Megan Smith         $350

4th     Brenda Heras         $250

5-6th  Fran Crimi              $170              Brenda Heras

7-8th  Colleen Shoop        $120          Olga Gashkova

Linda Haywood Shea