Vegas BCA

Paul Marquez

Wow I have so much to say. I have a hundred  real stories that could take page after page.  Instead of  elaboration,  I will attempt to minimize the pool celebration. Here we  go. What the hell, lets do it with a poetic flow.

“I spent the week in Las Vegas for Eight Ball BCA, ironically never hearing a  Canadian ever say “aye!”

My road trip was long taking five in a van,  there was Sean, Ron,  Tony, Tasha and Dan.

I played okay in singles but still wanted more, learned that pros can be cool but just  watching  a serious bore.

I hung with Dan Heinrick who was Mike Sigels hometown friend, Kimberly Kirk new my bff from beginning till end.

Sean Lewis saved my booty,  and Dan Louie has tons of class,  Randy Baker showed his real game, Tina P showed her ***.

I learned Dr.  Cue is as sharp as they come,  he gave me a lesson on focus and he’s really fun.

I love the people except maybe Jimmy from captain  Billy Palmer’s ship, I wanted to share my 4th degree foot with Jimmy’s fat  sharking  lips.

But Mr. Palmer was only classy and kind and all  thats cool, so maybe it was just me who overeacted an acted a  fool.

Watched Stan T torch Orcollo and Efren gamble it away, Mike  Yamauchi kicks Open booty but occassionally dogs an eight.

Going home  on a Greyhound had to hock my cues,  have new respect for hometown  players especially Pat or as you know as the Shoe.

Met a Jamaican, a  Jew and a Jack of all trades.

Dealers, gamblers,  waitresses and  maids.

Back to the grind when I get home, going to be a grandmaster  some day, I already  know.