Double J Spells Double Doom

“Double J” Spells Double Doom At Q Stix Billiards

(Ladies: Kyu Yi, Terry Petrosino, Ming Ng)

The action was hot and heavy on the Lone Star Billiards Tour with over $11k up for grabs this past weekend at Q Stix Billiards in Houston, Texas. There were 86 total entries, 54 in Open 10-Ball, 21 in Open Ladies 9-Ball, and 11 in Open One Pocket. Pro player participants included “Double J” Jeremy Jones, Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, and former women pros Deanna Kniola and Ming Ng. Other LSBT trailblazers included champions Sylver Ochoa and James Davis Jr. along with Louisiana’s own Derek Fontenot, Jason Abate and Robert Dorsey.

For the final 12 Open players, matches resumed at 1pm on Sunday and pitted Jason Bacon v. Billy Sharp, Ty Few v. Cesar Bahena, Andy Jethwa v. Sylver Ochoa, and Jeremy Jones v. Charlie Bryant.  On the west side, Derek Fontenot, Ernesto Bayaua, Aaron Remijio, and Denis Strickland waited in the wings. As the Open event progressed, the final four saw Jones v. Sharp for the hot seat and Bryant v. Ochoa on the one loss side. Jones bested Sharp 9-5 and Bryant eliminated Ochoa 7-1.  In the semi final, Sharp tried but fell short, and Bryant earned the opportunity to avenge his 9-5 loss to Jones earlier that day.  Jones and Bryant traded game for game in the final set until it was 7 all.  In the end, Jones closed it out 9-7 for an undefeated victory.

The ladies event commenced Sunday and included LSBT point leader Kyu Yi and multiple event winner Terry Petrosino. Top ten ranked players included Courtney Peters, Ricky Casper and Heather Bryant. In the hot seat match, Ng ousted Petrosino and on the one loss side Kniola bested Kyu Yi 7-3, but then lost to Petrosino in the semi 5-3. These two focused finalists made for a great match but it was Ng who took the win and the victory, 7-3.

(Men: Charlie Bryant, Jeremy Jones)

In Sunday’s One Pocket continuance, Jones defeated Bayaua for the hot seat, and Strickland suffered a loss from Bryant on the one loss side.  Bryant bested Bayaua for yet another shot at Jones and a victory.  However, due to physical discomfort, Bryant forfeited the win to Jones and took second place.

LSBT would like to thank and congratulate all of its finishers, not only for their impeccable play, but for their outstanding, professional and sportsmanlike conduct throughout the event.  LSBT extends a special “thank you” to its sponsors; Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, James Barnett, and Q Stix Billiard’s owner Bobby Rone for his continued support.

The next event is at Bogies Billiards and Games, July 10th-11th. For more information visit HYPERLINK “”

God Bless everyone, and God Bless Texas.

10-Ball Payouts:

1st Jeremy Jones $780

2nd Charlie Bryant $520

3rd Billy Sharp $390

4th Sylver Ochoa $260

5th-6th Ty Few $145ea.

Denis Strickland

7th-8th Andy Jethwa $100ea.

Jason Bacon

9th-12th Derek Fontenot  $50ea.

Ernesto Bayaua

Aaron Remijio

Cesar Bahena

Ladies 9-Ball Payouts:

1st Ming Ng $280

2nd Terry Petrosino $200

3rd Deanna Kniola $145

4th Kyu Yi $60

5th-6th Geraldine Giuntu $40ea.

Robyn Petrosino

7th-8th Angela Martinez

Courtney Peters

9th-12th Loretta Lindgren

Tisha Hay

Tabetha Lewis

Kim Pierce


Teresa Garland

Christy Grigsby

Amber Johnson

Kristine Bobbie


Barbara Summer

Heather Bryant

Judy Alvarez

Ricky Casper

Sam Shaw

One Pocket

1st Jeremy Jones $600

2nd Charlie Bryant $350

3rd Ernesto Bayaua $150

Lone Star Tour Update

HYPERLINK “ Open” Open $45/One Pocket $100(16)/Ladies $25

January 16th -17th 10-Ball/Ladies 9-Ball             Q-Stix Billiards Houston – $1,850 Added

Feb. 13th -14th 9-Ball/Ladies 9-Ball              Bogies Billiards Houston – $1,350 Added

Feb. 27th -28th 9-Ball/1 Pocket/9-Ball              Q-Stix Billiards Houston – $1,850 Added

Mar. 27th  -28th 9-Ball/Ladies 9-Ball                    The Green Room Temple –   $1,350 Added


April 24th 25th 9-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball     Casper’s Billiards San Leon -$1,350 Added

May 1st – 2nd 9-Ball/Ladies 9-ball             Slick Willies Houston – $1,350 Added

June 5th-6th                     9-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball     CRAZY 8’S Port Arthur-1,350 Added

June 19th -20th 10-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball   Q-Stix Billiards Houston – $1,650 Added

July 10th -11th 9-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball     Bogies Billiards Houston – $1,350 Added

July 24th -25th 9-Ball/1Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball     Q-Stix Billiards-just added! Houston1,350Added

August 14th-15th 8-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 8-Ball     Q-Stix Billiards Houston –  $1,650 Added

August 28th-29th       9-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball     CRAZY 8’S Port Arthur-1,550 Added

Sept 11th -12th   10-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball   Bogies Billiards Houston – $1,350 Added

Sept 25th -26th 9-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball     Q-Stix Billiards Houston –  $1,650 Added

October 9th-10th 10-Ball/Ladies 9-Ball                    Slick Willies-just added! Houston -$1,350 Added

October 16th-17th 9-Ball/1Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball      Crazy 8’s-just added! Port Arthur$1,350 Added

November 6th -7th 10-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball   Bogies Billiards Houston – $1,350 Added

December 11th -12th 9-Ball/1 Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball    Q-Stix Billiards Finale! Houston – 1,850+Added.