Miller Wins at Main Line

(Picture winner Mike Miller, 2nd Place Manny Chau)

Mezz Pro-Am tour made its way to Main Line Billiards in Frazer PA Sunday Aug. 15 2010.  A Small but strong field came out to play.  Mike Sigel, Tony Robles, Manny Chau, Mike Miller, Matt Krah, Josh Brothers to name a few.

Leading to top half of the bracket was Tony Robes with wins over Shaun Dobson 7-3, Randy Schwager 7-4, and Nick Brucato 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Manny Chau with wins over Charlie Marshall 7-3, Matt Krah 7-3, Josh Brothers 7-6, and Chip Klien 7-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Manny Chau Vs Tony Robles this was a great match that went to double hill but when it was all said and done it was Manny Chau coming away with the win 7-6 and Sending Robles to the one lost side. Making his move from the one lost side was Mike Miller with wins over Charlie Marshall 7-6, Jay Brotherton7-3, Derek Schwager 7-2, Mike Sigel 7-6, Nick Brucato 7-6, Matt Krah 7-5, and Tony Robles 7-0.

In the finals was Manny Chau Vs Mike Miller, Miller has to beat Chau twice to win the event.  First set was a great set with Miller winning on the hill 7-6, in the second set it was all Mike Miller winning easily 7-5 and the event.  I woud Like to thank the Sponsors and all the players that came out to play.

1st           Mike Miller         $935
2nd          Manny Chau       $475
3rd          Toney Robles      $250
4th          Matt Krah            $150
5th         Chip Klien/ Nick Brucato $75

Pao & Hopkins Share Victory

Caroline Pao & Dawn Hopkins Share a Victory on the Mezz Women’s Tour

By Alison M. Fischer,

(photo: (l to r)Caroline Pao and Dawn Hopkins)

On August 7th, 2010, the Mezz Women’s 9-Ball Tour held its second stop of their inaugural season at Main Line Billiard Club in Frazer, PA.  A field of thirteen players including top names such as Dawn Hopkins, Megan Smith, Gina Kim-Lipsky, and Erin McManus were set to battle that Saturday.

Also among these top players was arguably the most impressive female junior player in the U.S., PA’s Briana Miller.  Former Junior World Champion and multiple Junior National Champion, Briana continues to prove that she is a strong force at the table. In this event, Briana ran through to the hot seat match after defeating Sam Miskezich, Kathy Friend, and Erin McManus.

In the match for the hot seat, Briana faced Caroline Pao, who
previously had wins over Eugena Gyftopoulos, Linda Cheung, and Dawn Hopkins.  Caroline would then battle against Briana Miller, where she edged ahead to win 7-5 to guarantee a spot in the final.

After Dawn Hopkin’s loss to Caroline Pao, she forged a comeback on the one-loss side, defeating Erin McManus and Gina Kim-Lipsky, before winning the semifinal against Briana Miller, 7-3.  This set Dawn for a rematch against Caroline Pao, but the two WPBA pros decided to share the win.

Congratulations to winners Caroline Pao & Dawn Hopkins! Thanks to all the players who came out to compete in this event, as well as the host room, Main Line Billiards.  Stop #3 on the Mezz Women’s 9-ball Tour will be held on September 18, also at Main Line Billiards in Frazer, PA.

1st: Caroline Pao, Dawn Hopkins – $300
3rd: Briana Miller – $100
4th: Gina Kim-Lipsky – $60