Hard Times Billiards February First of the Month Jamboree

By Tom Suarez Tournament Director

Billy Palmer

February had another great turnout for the Monthly One Pocket event. Thirty Five players paid their entry fees to battle with the best players Northern California had to offer. The prize fund was $1180.

Billy Palmer took his place at the head of the field, as usual, by barely defeating John Henderson in a hard fought Hill-Hill game coming down to the last ball. Mr. Henderson was enjoying his continuing success at the One Pocket discipline (with his recent winnings at the Derby City Classic Action Room) and Billy had to play his best to stay in contention. The ball that John missed for the win was not an easy shot, but makeable (i. e. spot shot) that just jawed his pocket and made room for Billy’s escape from the jaws of defeat to being able to push the final bead to his side an take the match.
It was a pleasure to see Max Eberle take his chances at the game of One Pocket. Max admitted he had never played in a One Pocket tournament, but was excited to partake in this event. A 4th place finish with this bunch of seasoned players is a great accomplishment. Thank for taking the chance Max, we all enjoyed watching you scratch your head wondering what to do and then, Bingo… doing it.

Jeff Gregory

The 9 Ball event had 42 players with a prize fund of $1480. This was a great day for the players. The Super Bowl was a distraction but very enjoyable and like the 9 ball matches an unpredictable finish.
The Hot Seat match was won by Jeff Gregory of the Sacramento area. Mark Tu lost this match after fighting back from a 3-0 deficit to tie the score at 4. Fortunately for Jeff, he won the remainder of the games to take the Hot Seat and then wait for his next opponent form the one loss side.
Mark Tu and Max Eberle fought for the right to play Jeff in the finals and Max had more juice left than Mark.
The finals were all Jeff and Max had to settle for 2nd place.

35 players in the One Pocket event 
$1180 prize fund
1st $320 Billy Palmer
2nd $220 John Henderson
3rd $150 Chris MacDonald
4th $100 Max Eberle (first time to play in a One Pocket tournament) 
5th Tie $75 Pat McLeod and Joey Gebron
7th Tie $50 Roger Estelle and Melvin McKay
9th Tie $35 Sarge, Ron Lilly, Josh Palmer and Bee Davison.
1st $420 Jeff Gregory
2nd $260 Max Eberle
3rd $180 Mark Tu
4th $140 Marshall Williams
5th Tie $100 Joshua Palmer and Patrick Stewart
7th Tie $60 Billy Palmer and Dave Rodden
9th Tie $40 Bart Mahoney, Melvin McKay, Joe Pally, Duane

2010 Derby City Classic

(photo:Efren Reyes)

2010 Derby City Classic

Master of the Table

Efren Reyes

One Pocket Division

The One Pocket Division boasted a stellar field of 289 players which ended up with Scott Frost (2nd place 2009) facing Sylver Ochoa. The two competitiors played a skillful match but when it was all over (nearly 3 hours later) Scott Frost was the victor.

1st Scott Frost $20,000

2nd Sylver Ochoa $6,000

3rd Francisco Bustamante $2,500

4th Corey Deuel $1,800

5th Nick Vita $1,800

9-Ball Banks Division

The 9-Ball Banks Division field was bursting at the seams with 352 players all vying for the $10,000 first place prize money. John Brumback the defending champion was not to be denied. He was not intimidated by meeting Efren Reyes in the finals.

1st $10,000 John Brumback

2nd $5,000 Efren Reyes

3rd $2,500 Larry Nevel

4-5 $ 1,375 Rafael Martinez, Alex Pagulayan

6-9 $850 Chris Bartram, George Breedlove

Shannon Daulton, Truman Hogue

10-16 $550 Bill Bailey, Danny Harriman, Neil Jacobs

Michael Laney, Clent McCollough, Steve Moore

Mark Slye, Jr.

9-Ball Division

This is the main event of the Derby City Classic with 257 entries, this field of tough competitors was hard to beat.

Jeremy Sossei was the local favorite but lost to Rodney Morris to take 4th place.

The finals were set between Efren Reyes from the losers bracket and Rodney Morris. Two major pro players facing off for the $16,000 first place prize money and Reyes would come out on top 704.

1st $16,000 Efren Reyes

2nd $8,000 Rodney Morris

3rd $4,000 Shannon Murphy

4th $4,000 Jeremy Sossei

5th $2,250 Justin Hall

6th $2,250 Billy Bailey

The Viper Wins DCC Woman’s All-Around

Denver, Colorado February 2, 2010: WPBA Touring Professional Melissa Little competed in the 12th Annual Derby City Classic held January 21st-30th, 2010 in Louisville, KY. Melissa finished in the 4th round of the banks with 353 players, 2nd round of the 1-Pocket event with 290 players, and finished in the 4th round of the 9-Ball event with 257 players. Melissa secured the title with four total wins, placing 1st in the Woman’s All-Around and Dawn Fox secured the runner up spot with 2-wins to her belt.

1st Place Melissa Little $1500

2nd Place Dawn Fox $500

Fat Boy Challenge

This was the second year for this event and it featured 16 players being invited to this $5,000 added tournament. Reyes was undefeated in the field.

1st Efren Reyes $6,500

2nd Brandon Shuff $3,250

3rd Shannon Murphy $1,625

4th Johnny Archer $1,625

Bob Jewett’s Straight Pool Challenge

Each year at the Derby City Classic Bob Jewett hosts a Straight Pool Challenge and adds $10,000 to the event. Bonuses were also secured for the players for overall high run $1,000 and $1,000 for a run over 200 (courtesy of Diamond Billiards).

1st Charlie Williams $2,500

2nd Ralph Eckert $1,700

3rd John Schmidt $1,100

4th Alex Pagulayan $1,100

5th Corey Deuel $700

6th Bobby Hunter $700

7th Stevie Moore $700

8th Beau Runningen $700

One Pocket Mini

1st Dan Louie $800

2nd Tony Hilla $400

3rd LD Coffer $200

4th Sylver Ochoa $200

5th Ken Kerekes $50

6th Gabe Owen $50

7th James Davis, Jr. $50

8th Dave Krenzel $50