On May – 11 – 2010

(photo: Cliff Joyner, Billy Young)

May 6th – 9th, 2010–The Viking Cue – Olhausen Billiard Classic Tour was hosted by The Green Room in Jackson, MS.  The event drew in 109 entries and paid out $19,390 to the players that rose to the top of the fields.

The event kicked off on Thrusday night with the 1-Pocket Tournament and finished up early Monday morning with the finals of the 9-Ball Tournament.  Players were afforded many opportunities to make it into the cash as the event  offered $1000 Added 1 Pocket on Thrusday, $400 Added 10-Ball Tournament on Friday night, $3000 Added 9-Ball Tournament on Saturday and two separate 9-Ball Mini Tournaments ($400 Added and $200 Added) on Sunday.

Cliff Joyner would take the lead in the race to 5 and win the 1-Pocket event by defeating Billy Young 5-4 in the finals on Friday night.View the brackets for this event by clicking here.


1st Cliff Joyner  $1400

2nd  Billy Young  $800

3rd  Danny Smith  $480

5/6th Jason Evans / Nick Vita  $150 each

Friday nights 10-Ball Tournament would be won by Daniel “Lil D” McKenney as he made his way thru the bracket undefeated to claim first.

View the 10-Ball Brackets by clicking here.


1st Daniel McKenney  $1,250

2nd  Billy Young  $ 700

3rd/4th  Justyn Cone  /  Shane Winters  $150 each

Saturday would kick off the Viking Cue  Olhausen Billiards Classic Tour 9-Ball Event.  The event format was a race to 13 on both sides of the chart.  Players from around the region vyed for their shot at the first place prize moneys with a payout of over $12,000 the serious billiards came out in all that entered the tournament.
Gary Abood would be the last man standing as he defeated Nick Vita in the first set of the double elmination format that is standard on all of the Viking Cue Olhausen Billiards Classic Tour events.  The upsets were plentiful thru out the weekend as players that were expected to make their way to the finals would fall out of the tournament short of the money.View the full brackets by clicking here.


1st Gary Abood  $ 4500

2nd Nick Vita  $2700

3rd  Benny Conway  $1700

4th  Daniel McKenney  $1200

5/6th  Justin Bergman / Chuck Raulston  $700 each

7/8th  Josh Hillard / Billy Young  $200 each

9/12th  Danny Smith / Herman Quarles / Jason Evans / John “Rerun” Lacy  $150 each

Sunday’s $400 Added and $200 Added 9-Ball Mini Tournaments were both won by Gary Lutman.  Gary defeated Paul Dodge 5-0; Chris Viator 5-1; Dean Burkhammer 5-0; and Justyn Cone in the first set of the double elimination format in the $400 Added event.  Gary took home $400 for 1st place win, Justyn cone received $240 for 2nd place.

Lutman defeated Brock Freeman , Danny Smith and Johnny Sparks to take first in the $200 added Mini 9-Ball Tournament Sunday night.   Lutman took home $260 for 1st place.  Johnny Sparks received $100 for 2nd place.

Live Streaming for this event was provided by The Big Truck Show.  You can view additional videos by clicking here to go to the showpage.

The Viking Cue – Olhausen Classic Tour staff would like to thank The Green Room in Jackson, MS  owner Truett Hawkins, manager Zach Boyd and it’s staff for hosting this event.
We will be off next weekend but look forward to see you all at Classic Billiards in Conyers, GA for The Viking Cue “Handicapped” Tour’s $1500 Added event. Click here for more information on this event and to print a flyer.

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“Viking Cue – Olhausen Billiard’s” Classic Tour Announced

Viking Cue Mfg. Inc., Olhausen Billiards Mfg. Inc and The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour have entered into an agreement to add a new tour/format to the existing Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour.  The new Tour is dubbed the “Viking Cue – Olhausen Billiards Classic Tour” and will feature six $5,000 added Pro-Am tournaments in 2010.

All locations hosting these six new events will receive a Brand New Olhausen Champion-Pro 9′ table with delivery and set-up to the host location + over $8,000 in products and discounts from Viking Cues and the Viking Tour co-sponsors. This is a $15,500 Value to billiard room owners.

Room owners interested in hosting one of the New “Viking Cue – Olhausen Billiard’s Classic Tour” Events should contact Mike Janis at 1-800-200-POOL or email  Act FAST, there are only 6 of these events available.

Larry Olhausen, Sales Director Olhausen Billiards Mfg., Inc., stated “Olhausen Billiards is very excited to be associated with Viking Cues and to help promote the upcoming 2010 Viking 9-Ball Tour. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour has demonstrated that it is the premier tour to be associated with and we were pleased to be asked to be part of it. This tournament helps reaffirm Olhausen Billiards continued commitment to the sport of billiards and its many players. We are looking forward to a very exciting season.”

Barry Hart, President of Viking Cue Mfg., Inc., stated, “Viking Cue has always supported tournaments and players throughout the country with sponsorships and is proud to be associated with Olhausen Billiards and the Viking 9-Ball Tour. Viking believes industry sponsorships and investing in the promotion of our sport through tournaments is good for the future of pool.

Mike Janis, the founder of the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour, added, “Having Viking Cues and Olhausen Billiards combined as the title sponsors for these new tour events will be a blessing to our sport. Viking Cues and Olhausen billiards sponsorship will allow us to give many more dollars in prize money to the players over the year along with relieving most the associated costs to room owners that host the tour events. I am really excited about the new Viking Cue – Olhausen Billiards Classic Tour events. Together we will be able to continue to provide excellent events for the players and help billiard room owners with the costs of hosting tour events.”

About Viking Cue:
Viking Cue Mfg. Inc. is the oldest manufacturer of cues in America and has the strictest quality control in the industry. Supported by “Viking’s Lifetime Warranty” and made exclusively in the USA there is no compromising when it comes to Viking Cues. Viking lives up to the expectations of current and future owners as the most critical tool for your game.

For more information about Viking Cues please visit:

About Olhausen Billiards: The Story – Butch and Donny Olhausen
As kids growing up in New Mexico , Butch and Don Olhausen worked for their dad setting up and re-covering pool tables. Their dad had a shop in every house they ever lived in. Little did they know they were learning a trade that would carry them through the rest of their lives.
In the summer of 1969, Butch moved to California . Donny decided to follow in 1972. That’s when the Olhausen boys started their own company, moving and re-covering pool tables, they also delivered new tables for a small manufacturing company in San Diego . They charged $12 to deliver and install a new table, using Butch’s classic ’59 El Camino and paying for the gas. What a deal! They could be done with a delivery by 10:00A.M. After that, they would go out and “pound the pavement” for any more work they could find.
Then came what they thought was a great opportunity. The owner of the manufacturing company that they delivered for offered to sell them the business for $1000 and take a note back on the inventory. So in 1973, they took everything they had and bought the company lock, stock and barrel. That’s when the world changed for them.
The company they bought was making about 35 tables annually. The first year, their goal was to somehow double the business and sell 70 tables. Within two years, they were selling over 300. Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing, Inc. is now selling almost 30,000 tables a year in their 250,000-square-foot facility in Portland , Tennessee . Still family-owned and operated, Butch, Donny and all the people at Olhausen have consistently pursued a tradition of dedication to Quality, Service, Selection and Value. These attributes and four generations in the business have earned their company the title of “The Best in Billiards.”

About the Viking Tours:
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was founded in 1994 as the Ohio 9-Ball Tour by Mike Janis from Cleveland , Ohio . Over the years it has grown significantly to include many regions of the US . It is currently the largest and longest running Open regional billiards tour in the USA . The Viking Tours now consist of five separate tours: The Viking Cue Open, Amateur, Amateur-Advanced, Junior 9-Ball Tour and the new Viking Cue – Olhausen Billiards Classic Tour.  Combined, the tours offer approximately 141 tournament events each tour season for players from beginning to professionals to compete in. Player and business associate members are offered many outstanding benefits that separate the Viking Tours from any other tour in the USA . These benefits include: Health-care insurance, Hotel and Travel discounts, Free entry fees for Ladies and Junior players, Discounts to Military Personnel, Senior Citizens and Pool League Players.

For more information about sponsoring, participating in or hosting Viking Tour events contact the tour at or call 1-800-200-POOL.

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