Lisa Marr Takin’ Care of Business

Lisa Marr Takin’ Care of Business at Click’s Billiards

Jennifer Kraber, Royce Bunnell of OB Cues, and Lisa Marr

The OB Cues Ladies Tour was pleased to welcome as a 1st time host, Click’s Billiards located in Carrollton, TX.  The staff pulled out all the stops for this first time event.  Special thanks to Manager, Tanya Mueller, and Angel, Miranda, Michelle, Kat and Richard for all their tireless efforts for the special care and attention given to us all.  From early, early mornings to late, late nights, they gave top notch customer service to everyone and we greatly appreciate all that they did.  We are glad to add Click’s Billiards to our OB Cues Tour family and we will be back.

We want to give special thanks to David “Doc” Reyes and Jeff Williams for serving as our tournament directors for this event.  Their help in managing the draw and updating the brackets was immensely appreciated by the Board and the new tournament software with player’s pictures and broadcast on the TV screen was a refreshing change.  Additionally, thanks to our tour sponsor, Royce Bunnell, for serving as our referee the entire tournament and also to local pool player Viet My Nguyen for donating two sets of the 2006 14.1 Straight Pool Championships to be given to a player via our player raffle.   You guys are all awesome!

With many ladies competing in recent BCA, VNEA, APA national events, and our last tour event in April, it was time to get back onto the OB Cues Ladies Tour bus the weekend of June 12th & 13th.  Forty-one ladies came out for the festivities and it was a good fight to the finish as the top 12 from the Main Event returned for their Sunday matches.  Still on the winner’s side, it was Jennifer Kraber vs. Kim Pierce and Lisa Marr vs. Corina Campbell.   The hot seat match would pit Jennifer vs. Lisa.  These two ladies have been swapping 1st and 2nd places in the tour rankings thus far this season so playing for a spot in the finals was not an unfamiliar place for either of them.  Lisa secured her spot in the finals by winning 7-1.

Down one but not out on the B side of the bracket was Julie Comitini vs. Ashley Nandrasy; Orietta Strickland vs. Janna Preston; Sherri Palma vs. Amber Stone and Tara Williams vs. Rose McCrory.  Finishing 9th-12th was Janna and Amber (highest finishes to date), Ashley Nandrasy and Rose McCrory.  Coming through at 7th-8th was Julie Comitini and Sherri Palma (highest finish to date).  Kim Pierce and Corina Campbell (highest finish ever) rounded out 5th-6th, while Orietta attained the 4th place position.  Tara Williams who had a BYE the 1st round and then lost to Julie Comitini was on a hot streak; winning her next 8 matches to play in the semi –finals against Jennifer Kraber.  Both players were in stroke as their match saw back-to-back-to back break and runs, but ultimately the match would go to Jennifer with a score of 7-5 leaving Tara with a nice 3rd place finish.

As the final match commenced between Lisa and Jennifer, it looked like Lisa would walk away easy with the win at a score of 6-1.  But Jennifer, never one to say die, pulled out all the stops and was fighting back and closing in with a 5-6 score.  Unfortunately for Jennifer a long bank on the 9-ball fell short and provided Lisa an easy shot in the corner pocket for her 2nd tour win for this year.  Congratulations to Jennifer for 2nd place and to Lisa for her 1st place win and $750.

Winning this event stirred mixed emotions for Lisa though, as she recently lost a close friend in the Little Rock pool playing community.   “I would like to dedicate this tourney to Nick Nichols.  He was a pool-playing buddy of mine for many years.  He suffered a heart attack while playing at APA Cities.  The Little Rock Crew had to miss his funeral to attend this tourney (which was a tough decision).  But knowing Nick he would have wanted us all to keep on going especially when it came to pool.  RIP Nick, We will miss you!!! “

A Second Chance Tournament was held on Sunday with 19 players competing.  Thanks to an anonymous donor, an additional $100 was added for a total prize pot of $390.  Amanda Lampert went undefeated to take 1st place and Julia Rapp finished 2nd.

Special thanks to our tour sponsors:  OB Cues, Tiger Products, AZBilliards, Carl Miller as well as to all of our players, fans and supporters and Click’s Billiards for hosting a fantastic event.

Next Stop:  Magoo’s, Tulsa, Oklahoma – July 24th-25th. Check us out at  HYPERLINK “”

Main Event Tournament Payouts – 41 Players – $2000 Added

1st – Lisa Marr – $750

2nd – Jennifer Kraber – $550

3rd – Tara Williams – $400

4th – Orietta Strickland – $265

5th-6th – Kim Pierce & Corina Campbell – $150

7th-8th – Julie Comitini & Sherri Palma – $100

9th-12th – Janna Preston, Amber Stone, Ashley Nandrasy, Rose McCrory – $70

13th-16th – Monica Anderson, Tracie Voelkering, Rebecca Riley, Julia Rapp – $30

17th-24th – Jennifer Pavlovick, Lisa Henderson-Major, Michelle Prince, Cindy Parvala, Amanda Lampert, Robbie Daugherty, Julie Stephenson, Diana Cardona – $20

Other Tournament Winners:

OB Cues Ladies Tournament Free Entry ($30) – Rebecca Riley

OB Cues Ladies Tour Bumper Sticker – LaQueena Garcia

OB Cues Ladies Tour Magnets – Rose McCrory, Janna Preston

Tiger Products – Burnishers (2) – Sally Parra, Jennifer Pavlovick

Starbucks $25 Gift Cards – Tonya Dorton, Shayla Neris

One DVD set of 2006 14.1 – Straight Pool Championships – Cindy Parvala

OB Cues Raffle Winners:

Amos Bush & Monica Anderson

Second Chance Tournament – 19 players – $390 payout

1st – Amanda Lampert – $140

2nd – Julie Rapp – $90

3rd – Michelle Cortez – $70

4th – Lisa Henderson-Major – $40

5th-6th – Robbie Daugherty, SPetty – $15

7th-8th– Michelle Prince, Melinda Bailey – $10

Williams Bursts Bubble of Cinderella Story

Final 3

The OB Cues Ladies Tour held their 1st stop of the 2010 year at Rusty’s Billiards in Arlington, Texas and many players, fans, and supporters were on hand to help kick off the new tour season.  Forty-eight players were chomping at the bit to get their game on including many new faces and new members for the tour.  If you have never been to an OB Cues Tour stop, you really need to check it out.  The hospitality and service from our host site is the best ever.  Our supporters provide refreshments (Godiva chocolates, fresh kolaches, etc.) and encouragement all weekend.  If you can’t make it, we have live streaming available all weekend as well and you can view it wherever and whenever you like at

Before the tournament began, during the player’s meeting, special acknowledgement and thanks was extended to regular tour player Melissa Southerland who ran her own campaign to collect toiletry samples, accessories, etc. for DFW Metroplex Women’s Shelters.  Melinda Bailey, former tour board member, at each tour stop collects hotels samples and freebies for a co-worker who delivers the goods to various shelters.  We wanted to extend special thanks and honors to Melissa and Melinda for all their work in contributing to this worthy endeavor. (insert Melissa & Melinda picture here)

Melinda, Melissa

Congratulations and well wishes were extended to those tour players representing OB Cues Ladies Tour in the upcoming Regional Tour Championship in California, February 19-21.  All the best ladies and we will be watching and keeping tabs on your winning progress.  (insert RTC players picture here)

As the brackets were being drawn, right out of the gate for a 1st round match was 2008/2009 OB Cues Regional Tour Champion, Lisa Marr vs. Amanda “The Natural” Lampert.  Over the years, these two top tour players have been paired up in competition but it is usually in the finals of a tour stop—not this early.  All eyes were watching this hard fought battle and it would be Amanda taking the match in a tough 7-5 win.  But Lisa, always a fighter to the end, knew she had a long day in store for herself if she wanted to win, so she rolled up her sleeves and won her next 4 matches to continue playing in the Main Event on Sunday.

RTC Players

One big surprise for the day was none other than Angela Garza from San Antonio.  Angela, who has never played on the OB Cues Ladies Tour, decided she would start this year and what a wise choice it was.  En route to Dallas with her travel mate, Helen Hayes, Angela was in for a pleasant surprise.  As she won every match on Saturday, she earned her spot as one of four players remaining on the winner’s side of the bracket.  Winner’s side matches on Sunday were local Ft. Worth player Tara Williams vs. Michelle Cortez from Austin, TX and Angela Garza vs. Jennifer Kraber also from Austin, TX.  Even though the Austin contenders played their best to try to get to the hot seat, it would be Tara vs. first-time tour player, Angela to play for the rockin’ chair.   It was truly going to be an exciting race to the finish.

Also with a one-loss under their belts, the following Main Event matches would be played on Sunday for those hopefuls still shooting for the guaranteed 1st place prize of $750:  Lisa-Henderson Major vs. Tracie Voelkering; Lisa Marr vs. Ashley Nandrasy; Kim Pierce vs. Amanda Lampert; and Orietta Strickland vs. Shayla Neris.  Tracie, Ashley, Kim and Shayla finished 9th-12th; Lisa-Henderson Major & Orietta finished 7th-8th.   Jennifer Kraber & Michelle Cortez finished 5th-6th.   As luck would have it, Lisa Marr was still in it and would have a chance to avenge her 1st round loss against Amanda.  But Amanda would not give in and handed Lisa her second loss and a 4th place finish.

In the hot seat match, it was Tara Williams, a tour veteran and previous tour stops winner vs. newcomer Angela Garza.  For her first OB Cues tour stop, Angela seemed calm and collected and ready to take on anyone whom she faced.  As the match progressed, it would appear that the tables were not cooperating with either player and the rolls were pretty evenly spread out.  So whoever best capitalized on the other’s mistake would be victorious and Angela secured her spot in the finals with a score of 7-5.

In the semi-finals, it would be Tara vs. Amanda.  These two know each other’s game and the crowd knew the match would be a grudge match.  Once again though, as the pool gods were not favoring one player over the other, it came down to a hill-hill match.  Unfortunately for Amanda, she came up short on an 8-ball shot and Tara was able to close out the match to force a rematch with Angela.

In true double elimination format, Tara would have to defeat Angela twice and that is exactly what she did.  Tara was solid as a rock and pretty much kept Angela in her seat for both matches.  Tara scored a first set win of 7-1 and a final set win of 7-0 and her 1st win of the 2010 season.  Awesome job, Tara!  Also congratulations to Angela for an awesome tournament.  When asked at the end of her finals match, if she will be back for another tour stop.  She was beaming and gave a resounding, “YES, indeed—I am coming back for sure.”

A second chance tournament was held with 21 players competing on Sunday.  Monica Anderson took the top honors; Melinda Bailey finished second and Corina Campbell finished third.

Special thanks to Rusty’s Billiard for hosting this event as well big hugs and thanks to OB Cues for their sponsorship and donation of two cues.

Next stop is at a new stop on our tour schedule–Casper’s Billiard, weekend of March 6-7th in San Leon.  Casper’s Billiards was voted 2009 Billiards Digest Top 10 Pool Rooms in the country.  Their balcony overlooks the Gulf of Mexico.   Hope to see you there for Good Pool, Good Friends, Good Times!!

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Main Event Tournament Payouts – 48 Players – $2000 Added

1st – Tara Williams – $750

2nd –Angela Garza – $550

3rd – Amanda Lampert – $405

4th – Lisa Marr -$265

5th/6th – Michelle Cortez, Jennifer Kraber – $150

7th/8th – Orietta Strickland, Lisa-Henderson Major – $105

9th – 12th – Shayla Neris, Kim Pierce, Tracie Voelkering, Ashley Nandrasy – $80

13th – 16th – Sherri Palma, Helen Hayes, Terry Petrosino, Melinda Bailey – $50

17th-24th – Jennifer Pavlovick, Julie Comitini, Ashley Simmons, Janna Preston, Dana McGuire, Monica Anderson, Natalie Manns, Connie Gallego – $25

Other Tournament Winners:

$30 Free Entry – Ann Malone

$25 Starbucks Gift Card (2) – Debbie Watson, Tina Lehrmann

Magellan GPS + mount (provided by tour friend and supporter Samiel) – Orietta Strickland

Cue It Up Clip – Karen Cathey

Tiger Products Winners:

2 Burnishers – Tracie Voelkering & DeAnn  Bray-Warner

Tiger Hat – Becky Jones

Towel –Tera Saunders

OB Cues Winners:

Lisa Marr & Debbie Watson – both regular tour players

Second Chance Tournament – 21 players – $310 payout

1st – Monica Anderson – $120

2nd – Melinda Bailey – $80

3rd – Corina Campbell – $50

4th – Julie Stephenson – $30

5th/6th – Jennifer Pavlovick & DeAnn Bray-Warner – $15