Valley League Championships

The Valley League Championships for which team represents the Valley Division of Rocky Mountain Gaming’s VNEA Leagues is being determined this weekend March 11-13, 2011 in Three Forks, Montana. The tournament is being played at various bars around town.

You can see the online bracketing at:


Valley League Champions Hub #3: (L to R) Amanda Bray, Aimee Neel, Barb Tuss, Steve Ross, Tyler Blair, Scott Cysewski (not pictured) Jay Blair

Top Shooter Valley League: Travis Steward from Friendly #2

In Memory of Mike Dalager

Dear Northwest pool players,

(pictured: Mike Dalager)

I regret to inform you that our longtime and very dear friend Mike Dalager has passed.
Some of you will know him as a skilled competitor and organizer of our annual Memorial tournament here in Kalispell. He was also a loving husband and
father, a respected member of the community, self employed business owner and best friend.
He loved his country, stood up for what he believed, hunted and fished and made a difference in this world. What more could be said. He will be missed.

—- Don Lundy