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Science and Art Unite

Science and Art Unite in Predator’s Mezz-Designed

Special-Edition Cue

Predator Cues reveals Alchemy, signed by Mezz’s Miki

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Sept. 7, 2010) – On Sept. 1, Predator Cues revealed a special-edition cue with a hint of magic. The Alchemy cue, designed for Predator by Mezz Cues’ president and acclaimed designer Kazunori Miki, comes in two styles featuring exotic materials combined in an uncommon and technically challenging design.

Alchemy is the second collaboration between the two global cue manufacturers. Only 50 of each model – Sol and Luna – were produced, making Alchemy an ideal choice for collectors and billiards aficionados. Each Alchemy cue is hand numbered and signed by Miki.

“Predator’s game-changing technology combined with Mezz’s creative design has yielded a beautiful cue unlike any other we have brought to market,” said Karim Belhaj, president and CEO of Predator Group. “It was only fitting to name it Alchemy, defined as the combination of different elements to create something rare and valuable.”

The Alchemy cue, part of Predator’s Gallery Series, is distinguished by a unique design featuring two opposing seven-point details. The design’s sharp angles and razor-thin accents are a measure of the designer’s prowess, as well as the quality of construction. Both models are highlighted by the prominent use of paua, an iridescent shell native to New Zealand, as well as accents of ebony wood and juma. The two models differ in the primary woods used; the light-toned Sol is composed of curly maple, with additional accents of thuya burr, and the dark-toned Luna is composed of wenge, also accented by amboyna burr.

“While Alchemy’s exterior is what will take your breath away, it’s the interior that wins the game,” said Miki. “Predator’s renowned technology shines through in this cue.”

Alchemy achieves superior feel through a wood-to-wood design and the enhanced Uni-Loc® Radial™ joint. The Uni-Loc weight cartridge system is built into each cue and provides weight customization within 0.10 ounce. Alchemy comes standard with Predator’s high-performance 3142 shaft, which can be upgraded to the Z2 shaft.

Alchemy Sol and Luna are each priced at $1,995 and can be purchased by special order through billiard retailers throughout the United States and internationally. A Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge™ kit, Predator leather 1×1 case (to protect the investment-grade cue), and Predator joint protectors are included with purchase. The cartridge kit offers 30 possible weight combinations for precise weight and perfect “playability.”

Players and retailers can view Alchemy online at or in this month’s issue of Billiards Digest. To locate a Predator Cues dealer or to learn more about Alchemy, visit


Predator Cues, an international billiards industry leader, is a high-performance, professional pool cue producer focused on developing revolutionary technology that enhances performance for billiards players worldwide. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., USA, Predator Cues is a division of Predator Group whose core brands also include Poison Billiards and Uni-Loc®. For more information regarding Predator Group’s products, visit For information on Predator Cues, visit or look for Predator Cues on Facebook and Twitter.