Keeney and Tokoph Winners at Table Steaks

ladies:  8 players – $400 Added

(pictured: left to right Nicole Keeney, Melissa Little)

1st     $400    Nicole Keeney, Littleton, CO
2nd      280    Melissa Little, Westminster, CO
hot seat:  Melissa Little defeats Julie Schultz 7-6, quarter-finals: Nicole Keeney defeats Carol James 7-2
semi-finals:  Nicole Keeney defeats Julie Schultz 7-5
1st set of finals:  Nicole defeats Melissa 7-4, 2nd set of finals:  Nicole defeats Melissa 7-3

open:  52 players – $2600 Added
1st        $1350    Tommy Tokoph, Albuquerque, NM
2nd           800     Mark Haddad, Westminster, CO
3rd            600     Chuey Rivera, Denver, CO
4th            400      Tony Piazza, Morrison, CO
5-6th        275       Ron Lincoln, Parker, CO
5-6th        275       Dave Gomez, Denver, CO

Tommy Tokoph, (owners - Antionette Wharton and Bobby Brown), Mark Haddad

7-8th        160       Neal Morrison, Denver, CO
7-8th        160      Sam Cordova, Pueblo, CO
9/12th      100       Ruben Silva, Colorado Springs, CO
9-12th      100       Ed Borrego, Denver, CO
9-12th      100       Bobby Begey, Greeley, CO
9-12th      100      Mike Hellmer, Ft. Collins, CO
hot seat:   Tommy Tokoph defeats Chuey Rivera 9-2, quarter-finals:  Mark Haddad defeats Tony Piazza 9-7
semi-finals:  Mark Haddad defeats Chuey Rivera 9-8, 1st of finals:  Tommy defeats Mark 9-4
This is Tommy Tokoph’s first win on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour