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– Jay Swanson Memorial Results

– OTBnTV LIVE Streaming Schedule

– February Freeze Results

– Oak Harbor 4-Player Team Results

– OPAL Civil War

– Columnists: Bob Jewett, Melissa Little, Samm Diep

– Relay for Life Fundraiser

– Press Releases

– In Memory of Rick John

– LUCKY – Part 7

– Players Club Championships

– President’s Day at The Broken Rack

– CPL 8-Ball Awards Bash

– Pool On TV

– Weekly Tournament Listings

–  Tournament Trail

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Ask “The Viper”

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the house-pro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit:

Question: “This is regarding stance: I’ve seen professional pool players on television bending over so low while taking a shot, that their chin touches the cue. Is this a way of aiming? What do you recommend?”


In all other sports coaches from around the world remind their students to be “square to the shot”. In pool that means having your bellybutton towards the cue ball. If your stomach is facing forward then you automatically become square and your back becomes flat. Having a flat back means in the long run you will not hurt yourself from excessive play. Believe me when I say it is essential for your stance to be square and flat- top pros try and save their backs from long hours of play.

Also, if you are square to the shot then when you get down on the ball you will be flat on your cue. If you stand upright, you will never notice that your chin is resting/not resting on your cue. So, be square, flat backed, and chin resting on top of your cue. It’s good for the game and good for your back

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