U S Open 10-Ball Championships

May 17-22, 2010

Riviera Hotel Casino

Las Vegas, NV

(photo: Lee Van Corteza and Sunny Griffin)

The final match was one race to 13 that saw Lee Van Corteza jump out to a 7-3 lead only to have Lo Li-Wen tie it up at 7. Again Lo tied it at 12 for the hill-hill match. In what was an exciting last game as well as a final match saw a slow play warning, uncharacteristic misses and some great winner break runs. With a format of winner breaks lends itself to old style, old school play of the past. Lo had won the first meeting but fell short in the 13 game final. There was live streaming by The Action Report and was also fed through the cable system at the Riviera, so players while in their rooms and other guests could view the live pro tournament. This proved to be most enjoyable to the pool players that came in their almost 7,000 strong BCA Pool League National Championship. Barry Behrman promoter of the U S 9-Ball Open was on hand to offer an entry into the October tournament to the winner as Mark Griffin is reciprocating an entry into the 2011 U S 10-Ball Championship.

Sunny Griffin was on hand to present the $20,000 1st place check from CSI to Lee Van Corteza.

On The Break News was there to cover the action and take photos. Here is the link http://www.pbase.com/otbntv/usopen10ball

More information to come.

1st Lee Van Corteza  $20,000

2nd Lo Li-Wen  $12,500

3rd Shane Van Boening  $8,500

4th Francisco Bustamante  $5,700

5/6 Mika Immonen  $4,000

5/6 Manny Chau  $4,000

7/8 Charlie Williams  $2,800

7/8 Rodney Morris  $2,800

9-12 Mike Dechaine  $2,000

9-12 Darrel Appleton  $2,000

9-12 Roberto Gomez  $2,000

9-12 Edwin Montal  $2,000