Sad News

from: MIPlayersTour

Kip Curtis

For those of you that played pool in Michigan team events, you would know Kip and Carol Curtis.  They spent many years bringing pool tournaments to everyone in Northern Michigan.  Kip and Carol were 2 people that even after being together over 40 years, were inseperable until today.

It’s with a heavy heart that I pass along Kips passing to all of you.   He talked to Greg and I a week ago telling us to make sure we don’t forget him and how happy he was that so many of you sent well wishes to him.  He was in good spirits and was at peace with what was coming his way.  He took time to talk to those he loved and say things so nothing would be unsaid and there would be no regrets.  Even in his last days he was more concerned over others than he was about himself.  There is no greater way to be in this life.  Kips life ended the way he lived it……………surrounded by family and those he loved.

This is the link to his funeral information for all of you that would like to attend…….

There will be a tribute ceremony and funeral service.  if you have any questions please let me know.

Carol says she is holding up well and srrounded by her family but wants to make sure everyone knows times and locations so you can attend.  Kip was very happy to know he had so many people in his pool family that cared and it would mean so much for all of you to attend if possible.

We lost a great man today but he is at peace and his sickness has ended and he was at peace with it, his family and friends.