Caukin takes home FBT Regional Tour title

(pictured left to right: JoAnn Mason Parker, and Jessica Barnes)

Ft. Pierce, Fla. (Nov. 20, 2010) – JoAnn Mason Parker won her second in a row Flamingo Billiards Tour event at the FBT Invitational this past Saturday at Ultimate Billiards.  Helene Caukin finished the year with the most points and wins the title of Flamingo Billiards Tour 2010 Champion.  Caukin’s first place finish also secures her spot in the 2011 WPBA Classic Tour events.

Parker started the day with a 7-4 win over Kelly Cavanaugh, 7-4 over Robin Boggs, and a 7-1 over Kim Caso to make it to the single elimination redraw.  Also making it to the redraw was Jeannie Seaver, with wins over Kelly Coyle 7-1, Sabra MacArthur Beahn 7-5, and Chris Ann Fields 7-1.  Christie Cloke got to the single elimination bracket beating Shanelle Loraine along the way 7-5, and Barbara Harris 7-4.  Also in the redraw was Jessica Barnes, winning over Stephanie Mitchell 7-5, and Amy Poulter 7-4.  On the one loss side, Chris Ann Fields fought her way back to the redraw, along with Kim Caso, Amy Poulter and Helene Caukin.

The redraw pitted Mason against Fields 7-5. Seaver beat Caso 7-3; Cloke edged out Poulter 7-5; and Barnes took Caukin 7-4.  That left Parker in the semi-finals against Seaver, and Cloke against Barnes.

Seaver, who had shot lights out all day, felt the night wearing on and gave up the match to Parker 7-1.  Barnes, who was also shooting in the zone all day, had a tough match against Cloke.  Playing neck-and-neck and tied at 5, Cloke scratched in game 11, and Barnes went to the hill.  Barnes broke and combed the 9 to move to the finals.

The final match started with Parker 2-0.  Barnes got on the scoreboard when Parker scratched in game 3 after hooking herself and forced to kick.  In game 4, Barnes missed the 8 and Parker was out.  Score 3-1.  Barnes broke in game 5, proceeded to make the 1-ball but scratched. With ball-in-hand, Parker combed the 2-9.  Score 4-1.  Barnes broke in game 6, ran out to the 7 and scratched giving ball-in-hand again to Parker, who was out, score 5-1.   In game 7, Barnes broke and came up dry. Parker pushed out but was left with the cue ball hooked and no shot on the one.  With ball-in-hand to Barnes this time, Barnes played safe leaving Parker with a jump shot on the two.  Parker proceeded to jump, made the 2-ball and ran out to the 6-ball which rattled in the corner.  Barnes overshot the 7 leaving bad shape on the 8-ball.  But not to be deterred, Barnes banked the 8 and made the 9.  Score 5-2.  Just when it looked like Barnes was starting a comeback, Parker went on to take the next two games and the match.

The Flamingo Billiards Tour thanks all of its sponsors, Boynton Billiards (, Ozone Billiards (, Tweeten Fibre (  And many thanks again to room owners Bill Mallen and Gary Gilsanan (, Amy Poulter (, Tesh Patel (, and Dana Rogers (, for being great hosts and supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour.


($250-added, modified double-elimination)

1st JoAnn Mason Parker ($500)

2nd Jessica Barnes ($375)

3rd Jeannie Seaver ($200)

3rd Christie Cloke($200)

5th Amy Poulter($100)

5th Chris Ann Fields($100)

5th Helene Caukin($100)

5th Kim Caso($100)

9th Barbara Ellis  ($65)

9th Sabra MacArthur Beahn  ($65)

9th Kelly Coyle ($65)

9th Stephanie Mitchell ($65)

13th Nicolle Rasmussen ($40)

13th Marge Soash ($40)

13th Shanelle Loraine ($40)

13th Kelly Cavanaugh ($40)

The 2011 Flamingo Billiards Tour is tentatively scheduled to begin Saturday, Jan. 29th, at Ultimate Billiards ( in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Visit for details.

Caso Repeats at Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor

(photo: Kim Caso)

Kim Caso has the distinction of being the first repeat winner in 2010 for the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour (BAAT) by topping the record-breaking field of 30 players on May 22nd. The $500-added handicapped tournament was held at Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor, FL, and several newcomers were welcomed to the tour.

Tied for 9th place and receiving prize bags with gifts from sponsors were Bettina Chase, Keva Hevener, Margie Soash, and Sabra MacArthur Beahn.

Of the several tour newcomers, Virginia Billie made the money by coming in 7th. Following a first round loss to Jessica Barnes, Billie battled her way through several matches including two shutouts before succumbing once again to Barnes. Tying with Billie was Sis Tarver who has played in several BAAT tournaments, having joined the tour shortly after it’s inception in 2008. Both received $50 for 7th place.

Runner up Deanna Foster

Kelly Cavanaugh’s 5th place finish was hard-fought, having lost her second round match hill-hill to Barnes, then going to the hill two more times over the next several matches, with the third hill match ending in a loss to Niki Rasmussen. Cavanaugh has been a force to reckon with this year as she has had two 2nd place finishes! In a tie for 5th was Rachel Delaney, who has also made her mark by winning her first BAAT tournament as a newcomer in January. Cavanaugh and Delaney took home $75 for their efforts.

Squaring off in the quarter-final match were Rasmussen and Barnes. Rasmussen always proves to be a formidable opponent, having won three BAAT tournaments during the last seven months! Barnes has had her share of success, winning a BAAT tournament earlier this year, and having been the first BAAT champion ever in January of 2008! The fight to advance was a grudge match as Rasmussen had sent Barnes to the one-loss side in the third round. Rasmussen showed early determination by making it to the hill with Barnes needing three more games, but Barnes wouldn’t fold and she won the match. Rasmussen earned $150 for her 4th place finish.

Barnes faced off against Caso in the semi-final match. It had been a long day for both players, and Barnes showed her will to win by striking first blood. The match see-sawed for the next four games, but with Barnes ahead 3-2, Caso kicked into gear and won two more games and the match with a score of 4-3 in the handicapped format. Barnes left the tournament with 3rd place and $200.

Sitting in the hot seat was Deanna Foster, who had prevailed in three hill-hill matches and sent Caso to the one-loss side with a 5-1 score. Both players were ready for battle and were determined to be the next BAAT champion. Foster jumped out of the starting gate by winning the first game of 9-ball. Caso answered with a string of three wins, but Foster wasn’t giving in and she took the final game of 9-ball in the match. Next was 8-ball, and Caso took revenge on Foster by winning the first game of 8-ball and the match with a score of 4-2.

The true double-elimination tournament would see one more round. In the second final round match, Caso was riding the crest, winning the first two games of 9-ball. Foster held on by taking the third game, but Caso was unwavering, winning the last two games of 9-ball and her second BAAT championship! Caso’s 1st place finish earned her $350. Foster took home $275 and was thrilled with 2nd place, her best BAAT finish yet!

Thanks go out to Tom George, owner of Stix Billiards, and his staff members for providing a great location for the tournament. Thanks also to our sponsors, including: Tiger Products, Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ray Martin, Nick Varner,, Robertson Billiard Supplies, Tweeten Fiber, Billiard Scoop, and Sports Rock for making it possible for BAAT to give gifts to players, fans, and room owners.

1st Kim Caso $350

2nd Deanna Foster $275

3rd Jessica Barnes $200

4th Niki Rasmussen $150

5th-6th Kelly Cavanaugh $  75

Rachel Delaney $  75

7th-8th Sis Tarver $  50

Virginia Billie $  50

9th-12th Keva Hevener Prizes

Bettina Chase Prizes

Margie Soash Prizes

Sabra MacArthur Beahn Prizes

(l tor) Deanna Foster, tour director Stephanie Mitchell, Kim Caso

For tour and schedule information, go to the BAAT Tour website at  HYPERLINK “”, or contact Stephanie Mitchell at (813) 833-8707 or Sabra Beahn at (727) 480-2250.