In Memory of Mike Dalager

Dear Northwest pool players,

(pictured: Mike Dalager)

I regret to inform you that our longtime and very dear friend Mike Dalager has passed.
Some of you will know him as a skilled competitor and organizer of our annual Memorial tournament here in Kalispell. He was also a loving husband and
father, a respected member of the community, self employed business owner and best friend.
He loved his country, stood up for what he believed, hunted and fished and made a difference in this world. What more could be said. He will be missed.

—- Don Lundy

Pool Players Memorial

(photo: A Division: Jeff Boucher, Jack Madden, Dan Hamper)

Another year has come and gone up here in Kalispell, MT. The Memorial came off without a hitch thanks to Jeff and Cattleman’s casino for hosting , Kyle and Cheryl Burgess for a great job on the house tables, Johnny Wisnewski and Dan Hamper for bringing 2 extra tables and Kevin,Mike,Ken and Don for organizing and running a successful tournament.

We ran an A and a B division this year with a combined total of 101 players. It worked

well with 64 in the A and 37 in the B. I want to thank every player for showing up playing some great pool! The results are as follows.

A Division

1st Jack Madden $1000

2nd Jeff Boucher $750

3rd Dan Hamper $500

4th Barry Hall $360

B division

1st Daniel Horn $750

2nd Tyler Townsend $500

3rd Shaun Christianson $360

B Division: Tyler Townsend, Daniel Horn

I would also like to extend our thanks to the women that showed up and played in the B division. We apologize for not having anyone to host a tournament of your own this year but you all played well and I hope you come back next year. I wish we didn’t have to wait a whole year to do it again.