New Jersey State 8 Ball Championships

(Picture winner Manny Chau, Billiards Manager Gary Serafine, 2nd place finisher Josh Brothers )

The 2nd annual New Jersey State 8 Ball Championships sponsored by Mezz Cues took place at Atlantic City Billiard Club on Saturday & Sunday July 17th & 18th.  A Strong field of 33 Players came out to play, players like Manny Chau, Josh Brothers, Rob Hart, Matt Krah, Jose Cruz, Joseph Testa, Randy Schwager, Adam Kiear and Bruce Nagle.
Leading the top half of the bracket was Manny Chau with wins over Ed Robson 7-0, Kevin Guimond 7-5, Brent Boemmels 7-0, and Josh Brothers 7-5.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Forty with wins over Chris Ruggerio 7-4, Bruce Nagle 7-5, Rob Metz 7-3, Jose Cruz 7-4.
Playing for the hot seat was Forty Vs Manny Chau this was a great match with Manny Chau pulling away late to win the match 7-5 and sending Forty to the one lost side.  Making a move on the one lost side was Josh Brothers with wins over Joey Testa 5-3, Matt Krah 5-2, and Forty 5-3 to get to the finals.
In the finals it was Josh Brothers VS Manny Chau, Josh Brother has to beat Manny Chau twice to win the event.  The first set was a great set at 5-5 Manny Chau went on to win the next two games and the set 7-5 and the new “New Jersey State 8 Ball Championship” Manny Chau.  I would like to thank Mezz for sponsoring the event.

1st             Manny Chau      $1000
2nd           Josh Brothers     $475
3rd            Forty                   $390
4th           Matt Krah            $225
5th          Jose Cruz               $150
5th          Joey Testa             $150
7th          Randy Schwager   $125
7th          Adam Kielar           $125