Mezz Pro-Am Tour

(pictured: Mika Immonen and Eddie Abraham)

Mezz Pro-AM made it was to Atlantic City Billiard Club in Egg Harbor NJ
on Sunday February 21, 2010.  A strong field of 50 players came out to
play, player: like Mika Immonen, Joey Testa, Eddie Abraham, Phil Wines,
Victor Nau, Rob Pole, Joe Frady, Liz Ford, Caroline Pao, and Denise

Leading the top half of the bracket was Eddie Abraham with wins over
Mike Conway 7-3, Rob Palm 7-2, Mika Immonen 7-6, Phil Wines 7-5, and
Joey Testa 7-5.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Victor Nau
with wins over Jerry Russo 7-3, Tom Bow 7-6, Shaun Wilkie 7-4, Caroline
Pao 7-3 and Liz Ford 7-6.

Playing for the hot was Victor Nau Vs Eddie Abraham this was a one side
match with Eddie Abraham taking control of the match from the start
winning easily 7-3, and sending Victor Nau to the one lost side.
Waiting for Victor Nau on the one lost side was Mika Immonen, this
match also was one way with Mika Immonen winning 7-3 to get to the finals

In the finals it was Mika Immonen Vs Eddie Abraham, Mika Immonen has to
beat Eddie Abraham twice to win the event.  The first set was great set
with Eddie Abraham leading 4-1 only to see Mika Immonen come back to
win 7-5.  In the second set the lead went back and forth with Mika
Immonen pulling away late the win the match 7-4 and the event.

I want to thank the players for coming out and showing there support
and Mezz Cues for there sponsorship.

1st                  Mika Immonen     $1425.00
2nd                 Eddie Abraham     $750.00
3rd                 Victor Nau             $540.00
4th                 Phil Wines             $250.00
5th                 Joey Testa              $130.00
5th                 Liz Ford                  $130.00
7th                Robert Pole              $100.00
7th               Joe Frady                  $100.00
9th               Shaun Wilkie             $50.00
9th               Matt Krah                  $50.00
9th              Caroline Pao               $50.00
9th              Matt Douglas              $50.00
Top C/D      John Spencer              $75.00
Oscar Aparicio            $75.0

Player of the Year

Finnish-born Mika Immonen, who won his second consescutive U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship title, the world 10-ball crown and the International Challenge of Champions, was the unanimous choice for male Player of the Year in voting conducted by the United States Billiard Media Association, the USBMA announced today. Immonen, 37, was named on all 21 ballots turned in by members of the media group. Jasmin Ouschan, of Austria, who won half of the Women’s Professional Billiard Association’s six Classic Tour events, was the USBMA’s choice for woman Player of the Year.

Immonen, who resides in New York City, enjoyed his best year ever as a pro, adding the Galveston World Classic 10-ball title and Qatar Open title to his 2009 haul. Overall, Immonen won five of the seven events that featured a top prize of more than $20,000. His 2009 winnings topped $230,000.

Meanwhile, Ouschan made her mark by winning the WPBA Great Lakes Classic, the WPBA Pacific Coast Classic and the WPBA Tour Championship. She also placed third in the women’s world 10-ball event and second to Allison Fisher at the World Games. Despite finishing second to Korea’s Ga Young Kim in the WPBA year-end points standings for 2009 (26,500 to 26,000), Ouschan picked up 12 votes for player of the year. Kim received four votes, while Karen Corr received two votes.