Davis Remains Undefeated on the Lone Star Tour

Davis Remains Undefeated on the Lone Star Tour

(Photo: Helen Hayes, James Davis, Jr., Michelle Cortez)

The Green Room in Temple, Texas hosted its first $1,000 added Lone Star Tour event this past weekend, March 27th-28th. It was the first bar box event of 2010 on tour, played on 10 beautiful Diamond Bar Tables at the pool room owned by Ted and Sheryl Sofge.  The superstars came out, 47 in all, including Al Mason, T.J. Davis, Doug Young, James Davis, Jr., and pro player Max Eberle to battle for over $5,500 in cash.

Play began around 2p.m. on Saturday narrowing the field down to the final 12 to be played on Sunday along with the start of the women’s event. Sunday afternoon produced some television worthy matches on the east side: Eberle v. Mason and James Davis v. T.J. Davis. The winner’s side also pitted Noel Torres v. Young, and Corey Dordek v. Nash Peterson. The west side produced veteran Roger Allen v. T.J. Davis, Eric Brown v. Al Mason, Robert Clark v. Doug Young, and Eric Aicenena v. Corey Dordek.

When the smoke cleared, it was James Davis, Jr. against Temple’s own Noel Torres for the hot seat. On the west side Al Mason bested T.J. Davis and Robert Clark won six consecutive matches, including a 7-6 win over Max Eberle to meet up with Mason. Clark made Mason his seventh consecutive match win on the one loss side and earned himself a chance at Davis and the title.

Both players burned up the felt, trading racks until the score was 8-7 Davis’ favor. Clark broke and left himself a shot at the one ball then a shot at a two-nine flyer. Clark missed and gave up control of the table. A safety battle ensued where Clark ultimately ran out to the six ball and hooked himself. Clark gave up ball in hand and Davis put him away 9-7. Bastrop jumped up and shouted “YES!!!” with a bent arm and clenched fist. The crowd went wild. This was Davis’ second consecutive win on the Lone Star Tour, undefeated in both. Congratulations James!

Sunday, 25 women converged on the Green Room to battle for over $1,500 in prize money. The final four on the winner’s side included Heather Bryant v. Michelle Cortez and Helen Hayes v. Kim Pierce.  Bryant bested Cortez 7-5 and Hayes overcame Pierce 7-5. On the west side, Austin’s own Kim Sanders, was on a five match winning streak. Cortez bested Melinda Bailey 5-1 then ended Sander’s winning streak. In the semi finals, Cortez squeaked by Bryant 5-4 then matched up with Hayes in the final. Cortez held Hayes at bay, 6-2. After a few unforced errors, Hayes came back to make it 6 all. In the final game, Hayes broke and made the nine ball. Congratulations to Helen for her second Lone Star Tour victory, and Michelle Cortez for a well played event!

Special thanks to The Green Room, owners Ted and Sheryl Sofge, and our Tour Sponsors, Poison Cues, the Delta-13 Rack, and James Barnett.  Our next event will be Open 9-Ball, One Pocket and Ladies 9-Ball, April 24th-25th at Casper’s Billiards in San Leon, Texas. The Lone Star event at Bogies April 10th-11th has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. For up to date information visit www.lonestarbilliardstour.com.

Tournament Payout: $2,410

1st $800 James Davis, Jr.

2nd $500 Robert Clark

3rd $300 Noel Torres

4th $200 Al Mason

5th- 6th $125ea Nash Peterson, Max Eberle

7th– 8th $80ea T.J. Davis, Eric Aicenena

9th-12th $50ea Roger Allen, Eric Brown, Corey Dordek, Doug Young

Ladies Payout:

1st $350 Helen Hayes

2nd $175 Michelle Cortez

3rd $100 Heather Bryant

4th $70 Kim Sanders

5th-6th $40ea. Kim Pierce, Melinda Bailey

Cooper Needs Your Help!




Cooper is a 3 yr. old little boy who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma…..cancer.  He has been given a 30% chance to live, even after extensive chemotherapy treatments. His parents need help paying for his medical care.  I was asked a couple of weeks ago by OB1 Tour Player, Kim Pierce, if I would make the 4 hour trek to the Green Room in Temple, Texas to help with a benefit for Cooper. Of course, I could not say no.

There will be a benefit pool tournament, silent auction, raffles, and a challenge the pro table. The Women’s Professional Billiard Association (www.wpba.com)  players have kindly offered to donate billiards memorabilia as well as the PREDATOR GROUP (www.predatorgroup.com) and Pool & Billiards Magazine (www.poolmag.com) .

The charity event will be December 5th starting at 12pm until close. Please join us if you can, if not, please send any donations to the following address:

The Green Room

c/o Sheryl Sofge, Owner

2313 South 57th Street

Temple, TX  76504.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God Bless.

Kim White