Francisco Taylor Ropes A Texas Victory

Three Cushion Champion Francisco Taylor Ropes A Texas Victory

(photo: Francisco Taylor, Megan Smith)

It was another successful event this past weekend at Q Stix Billiards in Houston where 56 Open 9-Ball, 9 One Pocket, and 11 Open Ladies 9-Ball competitors battled it out for over 6k in cash which included $1,550 in added money. Players ranged from Nicaraguan three cushion champion Francisco Taylor, Texas State Champion David Gutierrez, and WPBA Touring Professional Megan Smith. Tour champion Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, Doug “Waco” Young, James Davis “Jr.”, and Sylver Ochoa were also in attendance.

Saturday’s matches played down and brought back the final 12 Open players on Sunday. Final four winners’ side included Francisco Taylor, David Gutierrez, Sylver Ochoa and Megan Smith. The west side saw Ernesto Bayaua v. Brent Thomas and Young v. Bryant. While Bryant cleaned up out west, 5 in a row, Taylor clenched the hot seat over Ochoa 9-3. Gutierrez and Bryant made quick work of it and reached one another. Bryant escaped 7-6 for an all too familiar semi with Ochoa, but was put away 7-1. In the Taylor v. Ochoa final, the Nicaragua  native came on strong and secured his first LSBT win, undefeated,


In the One Pocket event it was Bryant over Ochoa for the cat bird’s seat and Gutierrez over Alonzo on the one loss side. Gutierrez then took down Ochoa for a shot at first, but fell to Bryant in the final 3-1.

The ladies’ side saw Megan Smith, Ming Ng, Kyu Yi, and others who competed for a chance at the $550 added, $1,080 total purse.  The final two on the winners’ side pitted Smith and Yi, while Ng and Rose McCrory dueled on the west side final two. It was Yi over Smith 7-5 while Ng fell to McCrory 5-4.  Smith persevered over McCrory 5-4 in the semis then defeated Yi both sets in the true double elimination format.

Congratulations to all of our winners and we extend many thanks to our sponsors; Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack, and James Barnett.  Because of you, POOL PAYS in the great state of Texas. God Bless everyone, and God Bless Texas.


9-Ball Open

1st $800 Francisco Taylor

2nd $540 Sylver Ochoa

3rd $410 Charlie Bryant

4th $270 David Gutierrez

5th-6th Megan Smith, Ernesto Bayaua $130 ea.

7th-8th Doug Young, Brent Thomas $90 ea.

9th-12th Jerald Jackson, David Parker, Mike Alonzo, Leon Contreras $55 ea.

One Pocket

1st $550

2nd $350

Ladies 9-Ball

1st Megan Smith $315

2nd Kyu Yi $200

3rd Rose McCrory $100

4th Ming Ng $50

5th-6th Robyn Petrosino, Ricky Casper $25 ea.

7th-8th Teresa Garland, Loretta Lindgren

9th-11th Kim Nguyen, Deanna Kniola, Jaime Campos



(Photo: Tommy Tokoph, Kyu Yi, Ming Ng, Derek Fontenot)

It was a 2010 record turnout for the Lone Star Tour this past weekend at Bogies Billiards where 83 Open players, 13 One Pocket players, and 16 ladies gathered to play for over 10k in cash. Players from all over the globe converged on Houston and included Louisiana’s Derek Fontenot, New Mexico’s own Tommy Tokoph, Canada’s P.J. Masicotte and Kevin Murphy, Arizona’s Evan Beeson, and Texas shooters David Gutierrez, James Davis, Jr., and Charlie Bryant.

Open 9-Ball matches ended on Saturday night and brought back the final 24 on Sunday.  All day, Tommy Tokoph and Derek Fontenot fought their way to the hot seat, and the one loss side final four saw newcomer Francisco Taylor, blast from the past, Gerald “Top Water” Jackson, James Davis Jr. and Jason Bacon. Fontenot secured his position over Tokoph  9-7 while on the west side, Jackson made quick work of Billy Sharp 7-2 and Bacon 7-6 and won a rematch with Tokoph who sent him west earlier 9-2. Tokoph topped Jackson again for a rematch with Fontenot. Tokoph played his heart out but Fontenot swiftly closed the set out 9-4 for his first well deserved tour title.

Open One Pocket players also retired Saturday afternoon and resumed play Sunday. It was David Gutierrez over James Davis Jr. for the hot seat while on the west side, Charlie Bryant bested Dave Favor, James Christopher, David Parker, and then Davis for a shot at Gutierrez.  Bryant came on strong the first set 3-0 but Gutierrez answered back the second set 2-0 and claimed first.

The ladies Open 9-Ball event fired up on Sunday with 16 women and included tour players Ming Ng, Deanna Kniola, Rebecca Archangeli, and Angela Martinez  just to name a few. It was Ng over Kniola 7-5 for the hot seat, and on the west side, Kyu Yi bested Terry Petrosino then Kniola for a rematch with Ng who sent her west earlier that day.  Both ladies were focused on the win, but Ng closed out the set 7-3 and captured her second consecutive tour title.

LSBT extends many thanks to our sponsors Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, and James Barnett.  Because of you, POOL PAYS in the great state of Texas. God Bless everyone, and God Bless Texas.

We hope to see you at our next event July 24th-25th at Q Stix Billiards in Houston.

Payouts Not Including Auction

Open 9-Ball:

1st Derek Fontenot $800

2nd Tommy Tokoph $500

3rd Gerald Jackson $300

4th Jason Bacon $250

5th-6th Billy Sharp, Francisco Taylor $200

7th-8th Mike Alonzo, James Davis Jr. $275

9th-12th Thomas Madison, Ernesto Bayaua, Jessie Moore, Tony Mendietta $100

13th-16th Raymond Cardenas, Sonny Bosshamer, Rodney Stewart, Yoko Joe $70

17th-24th Dalton Riley, Brian Rosenbaum, Porter, Will Felder, Charlie Bryant, Brent     Thomas, Andy Jethwa, Jeff Fox $40

25th-32nd Blaine Barcus, Joe Long, Kevin Murphy, Thomas Juarez, David Mendiola, Jimbo Buller, James Christopher, P.J. Masicotte

One Pocket

1st David Gutierrez $700

2nd Charlie Bryant $400

3rd James Davis Jr. $200

Ladies 9-Ball

1st Ming Ng $260

2nd Kyu Yi $150

3rd Deanna Kniola $100

4th Terry Petrosino $65

5th-6th Courtney Peters, Angela Martinez

7th-8th Rebecca Riley, Loretta Lindgren

9th-12th Rose McRory, Robyn Petrosino, Belinda Lee, Laura Hsu

13th-16th Rebecca Archangeli, Ricky Casper, Teresa Garland, Tasha Salandanan