International Cuemakers Association News

At this year’s annual ICA meeting during the Super Billiards Expo weekend, Paul Huebler will be inducted into the ICA Hall of Fame. Paul has been involved in the billiard industry for decades. He has been a pool room owner and the national sales representative for the famous A. E. Schmidt billiard supply company. His experience in the billiard industry led him to found Huebler Industries in 1974 in Linn, Missouri. Huebler rapidly became one of the better known American made cue brands. Although Paul’s company might be considered a mid size production cue manufacturer, he also had what was known as The Custom Shop. Many of the cues coming out of the custom shop rivaled other higher end custom cues and are highly sought after by collectors. Paul always favored V-Points and even made his own Full Splice blanks for his hustler style cues. Another feature that made Huebler Cues unique was the nylon insert in the shafts. Paul loved chess and you will find chess pieces and crosses as themes in many of his cues. Huebler was also one of the first to manufacture Jump/Break cues.

The ICA has a new logo they will display for the first time at this year’s Super Billiards Expo. As always, you’ll find the ICA members there on the lower level. This year, the ICA will be represented by Hightower Custom Cues, Cue Man Billiard Products, Cameron Custom Cues, Chris Byrne Custom Cues, D & D Cue Repair, Crown Cues, Triple Cross Cues, True Heart Billiard Cues, and Rocket Cues.