Susan Williams Wins

4th Stop of 2010

Susan Williams wins at Bullshooters in Phoenix

Susan Williams

The AWBT was back at their official home, Bullshooters, for the 4th stop of 2010. With $300 added to the Main event and $100 added to the Second Chance tournament, we had a good turnout. Thank you Bullshooters, Mike, Julie, Brooke and Jamie and the whole staff for your support.

The final eight players matched up as follows…Winners bracket: Susan Mello vs. Sara Miller, Susan Williams vs. Ashea Erdahl. Susan Mello and Susan Williams prevailed in their matches and would meet up in the hot-seat match. In the one-loss bracket…Barbara Lee vs. Samm Diep and Sunny Griffin vs. Jeri Engh. Samm and Sunny won their matches, so congratulations to Jeri and Barbara for finishing 7th/8th. Next round in the one-loss bracket saw Ashea vs. Samm and Sara vs. Sunny. Sara and Samm were the victors, so congratulations to Ashea and Sunny for finishing 5th/6th.

Susan Williams won the hot-seat match 7-3. So Susan Mello plays the winner of the first semi-final match between Samm and Sara. Samm won the match 7-5. Congratulations to Sara finishing in 4th place. Our second semi-final was between Samm and Susan Mello. Susan Mello won that match 7-3. Congratulations to Samm Diep finishing in 3rd place.

Final 8

The finals were a single race to 9. It started with Susan Mello wins the lag. Very quickly the match is even at 5-5. Mello wins the next two games making the score 7-5. Mello scratches on the break and Williams wins this one. Score is 7-6 Mello. Williams breaks and makes two balls and wins this one and the next. Score is now 8-7. Susan Williams gets to the hill first. Mello wins the next. We have a hill-hill match for the championship. Mello is breaking and makes a ball. She is hooked on the 1-ball and pushes out. Williams makes the 1-ball and then runs the rest of the balls and wins the match. Congratulations to Susan Williams for first place and Susan Mello for second place. Great match ladies!

Five women came back on Sunday to play in the $100 added, free 2nd chance tournament. The ladies played a round robin format and a race to 7. First Place & $70 went to Pearl Napa. Second Place & $50 went to Edwidge Cavanna and Third Place and $30 went to Pat Schultz. Congratulations ladies!

Our J. Pechauer custom cue, valued at $550, was raffled off and generated $241 for the Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour. The winner of that beautiful cue was Ray Arreola. Thank you to all the folks that bought a raffle ticket. We appreciate your support.

Thank you to CueSports International for donating 8 new “Magic Racks”. The ladies used them at this event and they were well received. We will be using them the rest of this season.

This event’s drawing using our spinning wheel gave free t-shirts to Susan Mello, Ashea Erdahl, Diana Clayton, Alicia “Pocahontas” Streenz, Samm Diep and Kathleen Lawless.

Billie Grace Carman was our “Lucky Loser” this time around and she will receive free entry into our next event in September at Bullshooters.

Our next stop is Bullshooters on September 25th & 26th. Hope to see you all there!
Place $$ Earned Name
1st $250 Susan Williams
2nd $150 Susan Mello
3rd $100 Samm Diep
4th $60 Sara Miller
5-6th $40 Sunny Griffin, Ashea Erdahl
7-8th $30 Jeri Engh, Barbara Lee

AWBT at Bullshooters

AWBT 1st Stop of 2010
$300 Added at Bullshooters Phoenix

(photo: Susan Williams)

Bullshooters was the place for the AWBT’s first stop of 2010! Sixteen women came out to play in this $300 added 9-ball event on 9’ tables!
The top eight were: Edwidge Cavanna, Jeri Engh, Ashea Erdahl, Sunny Griffin, Kathleen Lawless, Sara Miller, Pat Schultz and Susan Williams.
The hot seat match was Susan Williams vs. Sara Miller.
Susan won the hot seat by defeating Sara 7-4!

Final 8

Sara went on to defeat Ashea Erdahl in the semi-final match with the score of 7-6 then came back to challenge Susan in the final match! Since this was a true double elimination format, Sara would have had to beat Susan twice. The match never made it to the 2nd set. It started with Sara winning the lag. Sara then made it to the hill first with the score 6-5. Susan won the next game which tied it up hill-hill. The last game went back and forth as both women missed some key shots. Sara missed a thin cut on the 8-ball which left Susan with a long 8-ball shot and the 9-ball at the other end of the table. Susan made the 8-ball with ease and left herself perfectly for the 9-ball and won the match! Congratulations to Sara Miller for 2nd place and congratulations to Susan Williams for the tournament victory!
Three women came back on Sunday to play in the free 2nd Chance tournament. Congratulations to Pearl Napa for winning the tournament and $40!

Cue Raffle Winner - Billie Grace Carman

The AWBT held a raffle for a beautiful J. Pechauer custom cue valued at $500! The winner was Billie Grace Carman! Thanks to everyone for buying tickets and supporting the AWBT! Thanks to your efforts we raised $185 for the tour!
A HUGE thank you to Lenny at On the Rail TV for streaming this event all weekend! To check out streams of future events, go to!
Thank you so much to Mike, Len and all the folks at Bullshooters! We love playing in your pool hall! The tables are always in such terrific condition, the food is awesome and the people are so friendly!

2nd Chance Winner - Pearl Napa

If you haven’t been to one of the AWBT events recently, you should come check us out and see the changes we’ve made! The entry fees have been reduced, there is 100% payout at all events, the AWBT dues are still only $25 and the WPBA dues are now optional! Hope to see you soon!
June 24-25 is the date for our next event! The location and added money will be announced shortly!
Susan Williams
Sara Miller
Ashea Erdahl
Sunny Griffin
Edwidge Cavanna
Kathleen Lawless
Jeri Engh
Pat Schultz
$40 Pearl Napa
2010 POINTS STANDINGS as of April 19, 2010:
4/17-18 Bullshooters
Total Points Earned
Susan Williams* – 200 – 200
Sara Miller* – 160 – 160
Ashea Erdahl* – 125 – 125
Sunny Griffin* – 100 – 100
Edwidge Cavanna* – 80 – 80
Kathleen Lawless* – 80 – 80
Jeri Engh* – 65- 65
Pat Schultz – 65 – 65

Jodi Villegas – 50 – 50
LeAndrea Gaff – 50 – 50
Pearl Napa* – 50 – 50
Samm Diep* – 50 – 50

Amanda Pulley – 40 – 40
Barbara Lee* – 40 – 40
Billie Grace Carman* – 40 – 40
Carol Webb* – 40 – 40
* = WPBA Member