Lone Star Tour Finale




Bogies Billiards & Games played host to the Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships on December 12th-13th, 2009 and wrapped up a very successful first year for the not- so- fledgling Tour. A whopping 75 players came from all over Texas to compete for almost 9k in tournament money along with a free entry into the Derby City 9-Ball Event and TWO qualifier spots for next year’s first stop on the Predator World 10-Ball Tour in January. Resident Tour favorites Sylver Ochoa, Raul Escobedo, Charlie Bryant, Nick Hood, Dennis Strickland, James Davis Jr., and Andy Jethwa showed up in full force but it turned out to be two “unusual” suspects playing for the hot seat match on Sunday.

After a grueling day of match play on Saturday, players such as Viet Do (Asst. TD), Mike Alonzo and Jason Bacon found themselves among those on the final eight winner’s side and in the money!  After one round the final four was produced:  Ochoa vs. Jethwa and Alonzo vs. Bacon. Earlier, Jethwa plowed through Bryant 9-4 and then steam rolled Ochoa 9-1 to reach Mike Alonzo who previously sent James Davis Jr. & Aaron Springs to the one-loss side. Two players who hadn’t seen the hot seat all year finally had their chance. Alonzo vs. Jethwa was a real nail biter, but Jethwa pulled through 9-7.

On the west side of the chart, Davis Jr. was fighting his way back as well as Bryant. The final four on the one loss side pitted Bryant vs. Davis Jr. and Springs vs. Raul Escobedo.  Bryant escaped Davis 7-6 and Ochoa bested Springs 7-1.  It was Bryant vs. Ochoa battling it out for a chance at Alonzo.  Bryant took out Ochoa 7-1 and overcame Alonzo  7-1 to play for top honors.

The scene became a bit more familiar; Hillbilly vs. Jethwa. It was a great battle of skill, but in the end, Bryant closed out both sets by scores of 9-6 and 7-4.  Congratulations to Andy Jethwa for his best finish to date.

Twelve women came out to play in the $350 added ladies event, thanks to our sponsor for that event, Mr. James Barnett. Top Tour favorites Kyu Yi, Terry Petrosino, Courtney Peters, and Yvette Reyes all finished in the top four respectively, and earned $275, $175, $90 and $50 for their efforts. Well done ladies!!!

For his exceptional play throughout the year and at our final event, Charlie Bryant takes home Top Points Honors along with a Delta-13 Rack and a Delta-13 Elite. He also received a $100 bonus along with the other top 3 point leaders; Sylver Ochoa, Dennis Strickland & Lanny Herrin. Charlie also received the Derby City 9-Ball Entry along with one qualifier spot to the Predator World Tour Stop in January. Raffle  winners include Mike Payne who won the fabulous AR6 Poison Cue and Jeff Gardner who took home a beautiful Delta 13 Rack. Honorable mentions go out to players Blain Barcus, TJ Ortiz, and Jim Henry for their increasingly good finishes throughout the year.

The Lone Star Tour would like to extend its deepest thanks to our sponsors; Official Cue, Poison Cues & Official Rack, the Delta-13 Rack. The Billiard Factory graciously donated $1000 in product for the PREDATOR 10-BALL WORLD TOUR qualifier spots and Diamond Tables’ own Greg Sullivan offered up a spot in the Derby City Classic! Our 2009 host rooms were spectacular and we send “Big Love” out to “Big Truck” aka Ray Hansen, President of Cue & A Promotions, who broadcasted our tour for the world to see! Our resident referee Bob McFerren called every shot with accuracy and Eugene Lee, our wonderful Website Host at www.lonestarbilliardstour.com  gave us a great internet presence. Lastly, Special Thanks to Carl Miller for his behind the scenes work on our tour. We love you Carl!

Our next stop is January 16th-17th, 2010 at Bobby Rone’s “ Q Stix Billiards” on FM 1960 East in Houston, Texas. It will be our first 10-Ball Event!

Happy Holidays, God Bless You, and God Bless Texas.

1st Charlie Bryant: 860

2nd Andy Jethwa: 560

3rd Mike Alonzo: 390

4th Sylver Ochoa: 300

5th/6th Jason Bacon

Aaron Springs: 175


Raul Escobedo

James Davis Jr.


Viet Do

Jim Henry

Eric Aicinena

Todd Lewis


Thomas Ybarra

T.J. Ortiz

Sonny Bosshamer

Ernesto Bayaua

Note from the Exec. Dir.:

I would like everyone to know, that without each and everyone one of YOU, this tour would not have been born.  It is because of your very existence that I do what I do, and I will strive to do better for the sport of billiards and its players. As long as you keep coming, we will be here.