Blaze Tour Finale

Written by Jerry Tarantola/
The 40th and Final Pro/Am event of the season came to an end Last

(photo: open/pro Winner Joey Testa, Angie Tran, 2nd place Adam Kielar and Ernie Arcaro-owner)

Weekend (Jan 9th/10th) in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Fittingly home town
player “Jersey Joey” Joey Testa capped off a remarkable season at host
room Atlantic City Billiards.
Joey Testa is one of the hottest emerging professional players in the
Tri-State Area and continues to be a dominant force in the North East.
Joey has picked up by Mezz cues radar, who signed the Jersey Native
player, to represent the Mezz brand of cues.
“Jersey Joey” defended his title as he is crowned “Blaze Tour Finale
Champion” for the second consecutive year.
A strong field of 73 players came out to play including “Get Some”
Shaun Wilkie, Adam Kielar, Manny Chau, Eddie Abraham, Jorge Rodriguez,
George Ginky San Souci,Victor  Nau, Wali Muhammad, Rob Pole and “Kid
Delicious” Danny Basavich.
The finale also attracted several of the North East’s strongest Women
including Caroline Pao, Liz Ford and Erin Mcmanus.
Leading the top half of the bracket was Adam Kielar with wins over
Shaun Wilkie  9-8, John Alicea 9-1, Larry Pearlman 7-3, Tony Rudi 7-1,

A/B Winner Victor Nau, Randy Jaragoske, Ernie Arcaro

Wali Muhammad 7-3  and Eddie Abraham 9-6.
Joey Testa was on the top part of the bracket, going through Theresa
Intelisano 7-4, Derek Schwager 7-5, Randy Schwager 7-3, Danny Basavich
9-6, and Manny Chau 9-8.
In a “Hot Seat” matchup…  Adam Kielar was faced off against Joey
Testa. In great match between two heavyweights… Joey testa came away
with the “W” by way of a 9-6 score.  Adam was knocked over to the “One
Loss Side” where he was matched up against Eddie Abraham, which was a
rematch from earlier in the day.
Adam was able to regain his winning ways with a big 9-8 win over Eddie,
setting up a rematch with Joey Testa.
The Finals was all set between Adam Kielar vs. Joey Testa, and with the
true double elimination format… Adam had to defeat Joey 2 consecutive
Joey came out of the gate aggressive and never let his early lead slip,

C/D Nick Comstock's girlfriend, Winner Nick Comstock, Ernie Arcaro and Megan Black

as he capped off a great tournament in impressive fashion.
Through hard work and dedication to his craft Joey “Jersey Joey” Testa
goes undefeated for consecutive years in the Blaze Tour Finale.
Reflecting back on his Amazing season earning player of the year…
Joey has several notable accomplishments throughout the year to think
Joey captured 8 Blaze Tour titles, 1 second, 3-3rds and 4-4th place
finishes. It is clear that the phenom from NJ knows how to win, and the
remarkable part of Joey’s demeanor is his humble nature, and no-quit
Joey  Testa would like to thank Mezz Cues for all their support also
special thanks Jose Garcia for all his help.Congratulations to Joey
Testa from everyone at for a Breakthrough Year!!!

The Blaze Tour would like to thank all of it’s sponsors and the players
that came out to support the Tour.
Payouts & Prizes: (Open/ Pro)
1st: Joey Testa $2250 +US  Open 9 Ball Championships paid entry + Trophy +  cue stick
2nd: Adam Kielar $1250 + US Open 9 Ball Champion ships paid entry + Trophy + cue stick
3rd: Eddie Abraham $700 + Turning Stone Classic paid entry + cue stick
4th: Manny Chau $550
5th/6th:  George Ginky San Souci, Shaun Wilkie  $300
7th/8th/9th: Rob  Pole, Jorge Rodriquez, Danny Basavich  $160
The Event also paid tracked and paid out winnings to an A/B group. Here is a quick overview of how it broke down.
Victor Nau defeated Frank Bogush 7-1, then lost to Eddie Abraham 7-4, then defeated Steve Shaw 7-5, Rob Palm 7-5, Bruce Nagle 7-6 and Jorge Rodriquez 7-5,  before losing to Shaun Wilkie 7-0.
Victor Nau ended in 9th thru 12th over all in the tournament but first place out of all the players in the tournament who fell in the A/B
Payouts & Prizes for the A/B Group
1st:  Victor Nau $300  & Turning Stone Classic paid entry + Trophy + Pool Cue
2nd: Wali Muhammad $250 +Trophy + Pool Cue
3rd: Randy Jaragoske  $250 & Pool Cue
4th: Pete  Tascarlla Jr   $100 & Pool Cue
The Event also paid tracked and paid out winnings to an C/D group. Here is a quick overview of how it broke down.
Nick Comstock defeated Ginky, before losing to Bob Whitfield. Nick rebounded by defeating Erin McManus 7-3, Paul Johnson
7-6, and Randy Schwager 7-4 before losing to Randy Jaragoske 7-4.
Nick Comstock ended in 13th thru 16th over all in the tournament but first in the C/D group
Payout & Prizes for the C/D Group
1st: Nick Comstock $275  +  US Amateur entry  & Trophy & Pool Cue
2nd: Bob Whitfield $120 +  US Amateur  entry & trophy & Pool Cue
3rd: Larry Pearlman $100 + US Amateur entry & Pool Cue
4th: Rob Palm – US Amateur entry & Pool Cue

Chamat Takes Skyline

As 2009 came to a close, The Blaze Tour held its last event of the year at Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn, NY, where player and owner Rob Pole rolled out the red carpet for some of the strongest players in the Northeast.

(photo: Marcus Chamat and Shaun Wilkie)

Several notable top pros and player were in attendance including Sweden’s Marcus “Napoleon” Chamat, Marc “Spain” Vidal, Danny “Kid Delicious” Basavich, George “Ginky” SanSouci, Shaun Wilkie, Matt Krah, and Jorge Rodriguez, to name a few.
Shaun Wilkie has been the player to beat on the tour of late, and came out firing in this event. Shaun rolled over Tony Phu 7-1 and Denise Reeves 7-1, before matching up with Ginky. George was playing superb in the match, but Shaun crossed the finish line first with a close 7-6 win. Shaun then went on to defeat Marc Vidal 7-4 before losing to world-class player, Marcus Chamat 7-6.
Marcus broke and ran out the final rack to put an exclamation point on solid performance. Shaun would meet Marcus again in the finals setting up a rematch to test the European champion.
Marcus Chamat won the rail over by going undefeated through the winner’s bracket with superb play. Marcus defeated Kenny Rutman (7-4), Jerry Tarantola (7-2), Jorge Rodriquez (7-3), Matt Krah (7-2), and Shaun Wilkie (7-6) getting to the finals. In the finals, it was all Chamat, as he dominated Wilkie in this match 7-3. I would like to thank all the players that came out to play and and all the sponsors

Final Results:
1st: Marcus Chamat $1015
2nd: Shaun Wilkie $550
3rd: George SanSouci $375
4th: Jorge Rodriguez $200
5/6th: Matt Krah, Marc Vidal $125
7/8th: Sammy Wu, Andy Yu $75