Barb Sisneros – You Will Be Missed

Our Western BCA family has suffered a terrible loss. Pacific Coast

League Operator and tournament volunteer, Barb Sisneros passed away

Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Cancer took her life, but her feisty spirit will

live on for many of us. She was happy to have made it to the October

regional event, and hung in until she felt she needed to head back home.

She didn’t know if she would get to the March 8-ball event, but she was

“going to try like the dickens,” she said. She always was the first one to

offer to help in any way she could. She loved to sit on a corner of the

podium and talk with players and help with payouts. Barb was as real as

it gets. She was a person to respect and you knew she respected you

back because she’d tell you so. Her email signature included, “Karma

comes around and goes around…be careful how you deal with others.”

Barb met her soul mate, Tom Crump, about 8 years ago. She was an

alcohol and drug counselor with a master’s degree and he said he was

just an old fogey sitting on a barstool when they met. He was the one

who got her passionate about the game of pool. He said it wasn’t long

before she was beating him. She became a “pool-aholic,” as she put

it. Barb started the Pacific Coast Pool League in the southern coastal

region of Oregon about 2 years ago. She worked hard to bring league

pool to the community there. She faced some trials and tribulations, but

she persevered, much to her credit and the benefit of Western BCA. She

also wanted to start a Junior League for the area youth, and had worked

up a proposal to start the process. Another goal of hers was to bring the

casino tour to her area. She paved the way for Western BCA to meet with

the Three Rivers Casino people in Florence. To Barb, it was all about the

love of people and pool. ~ Sassy Campbell

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