Spring Champions

Sharky’s Billiards Pool Leagues Spring Champions

Jose Montano and Audra Dean

In an upset victory, the Bears claimed the Wednesday night Maple Leaf Billiards Congress of America league championship at Sharky’s Billiards this past week. After sixteen weeks of competition, the Bears took the league championship from the Sharks for only the fourth time in Sharky’s Billiards leagues history. The Bears teams is comprised of Joe Southard and Brandon Hammonds of Ionia; and Jose Montano, Keith Hayden, Chris Haskew, Jimmy Phillips, and Josh Blaylock, all of Sedalia. To claim first place, they won thirteen matches and lost only two matches. Sharks came in second, winning ten matches and losing five. The Dollies placed third and the Jokers fourth.

The Maple Leaf League most valuable male and female players for Wednesday night were Jose Montano and Audra Dean, both of Sedalia. Montano ended the session with a 9.28 average out of a possible ten, while Dean ended with a 7.29. Runners up were Greg Mantei, 8.86, and Brittainy Zimmerschied, 6.28, both of Sedalia.

The Sharks were not taking an upset two nights in a row. They decidedly claimed first place in the Show Me American Cue Sports league with twelve match wins and two losses. The Sharks team consists of Steve Allee, Jeff Paxton, Clarence Hunter, Greg Mantei, and Nate Degraff all of Sedalia. The team, Mass Confusion took second with ten match wins, followed closely by team Shoot to Thrill with nine wins. Coming in fourth was Five Jokers and a Lady with eight wins.

Rebecca Smith and Clarence Hunter

The Show Me League most valuable male and female players for Thursday night were Rebecca Smith and Clarence Hunter, both of Sedalia. Smith ended the session with a 7.60 average out of a possible ten, and Hunter ended with a 9.50. Runners up were Greg Mantei, 9.48, and Amanda Boles, 6.69, both of Sedalia.

The Sharks, along with new team mate, Jimmy Koeller, Sedalia, will travel to Las Vegas, NV, to play in the American Cue Sports Nationals June 5-12. Year before last, they placed 13th in their division at Nationals.