Amanda Lampert Back-2-Back

Amanda Lampert Back-2-Back OB Cues Ladies Tour Wins

(photo: Lisa Marr, Amanda Lampert)

Fast Eddie’s in Round Rock, Texas was the scene for the 8th OB Cues Ladies Tour stop the weekend of October 9th-10th.  In fact, this was the second time this year that they have hosted the OBCLT event and we greatly appreciated their fantastic food, hospitality and friendly faces from the management and staff.  Thank You Fast Eddie’s Round Rock!

Also special thanks to our main title sponsor, OB Cues, for providing the opportunity for amateur lady pool players all over the country to be able to participate in such a fun-filled, competitive, and memorable event year after year.   Thank You OB Cues!

Players from Texas, Arkansas, Colorado and Illinois were anxious to participate in this guaranteed $2000 added monies 9-ball event.  A welcome surprise to the tour was the presence of Samm Diep from Denver, Colorado and everyone’s favorite pool mascot, Frank from Pool Dawg.  Frank was around all weekend sweating the action along with other tour fans, supporters, and family members, cheering on the 38 players competing for the 1st place prize of $750.

As the Main Event approached day’s end on Saturday, 8 players were still left standing.  Winner side matches for Sunday morning would be Helen Laiche vs. Michelle Cortez and Lisa Marr vs. Amanda Lampert.  One loss matches also on Sunday would be Orietta Strickland vs. Kim Pierce and Rachel Hurst vs. Nancy French.  On Sunday morning, Helen and Michelle battled it out with a hill-hill score and Michelle prevailed as the winner and very excited about playing in the hot seat match.  Amanda, recent winner of the Houston Open from the previous weekend, was playing lights out and soundly defeated Lisa 7-2 to earn her spot in the hot seat match.   Amanda then won the hot seat with a score of 7-0 against Michelle; she would wait to see who her finals opponent would be.

As the one-loss matches continued, it looked like it would be a rematch of the hot seat match as Michelle was ahead of Lisa in the semi-finals.  Unfortunately, the rolls, which were bothersome to both players, left Michelle coming up short and she was defeated by Lisa 7-5.  Michelle had a fantastic event though and scored her highest tour finish ever.  She will undoubtedly always be a force to reckon with, so keep up the good work.  Congratulations Michelle!

The finals match was a battle of the speeding tickets.  We teased both players as they both had unfortunate run-ins with a radar gun recently so they both had extra pressure and incentive to win this event to pay off their lead foot incidents.  In true double elimination format, Lisa would have to defeat Amanda twice to win.   As the match progressed, it looked Lisa was trying her best to take it to a second set as she was up 4-1 early.  But Amanda was not having any of it and she kicked into gear to tie up the set.  When it was 4-4, it seemed Lisa was going to force the second set when she took the lead at 6-4, but Amanda once again dug deep.  She took advantage of a miss by Lisa to draw closer at 6-5, then broke and ran to tie the score at 6-6.  The excitement and pressure was growing as the final game became a battle of strategic safeties, a waiting game of who would make a mistake first.  With just the 7-8-9 left, Lisa made a tough 7-ball in the corner but the cue ball rolled within an inch of the 8-ball, appearing to end her chances of the potential run-out.  She deliberated as to what she was going to do, committed to the shot, then made a precise 8-ball shot in the side pocket and was left a long thin cut on the 9 to force the second set.  Unfortunately, she missed the 9-ball giving Amanda a clear shot to pocket the 9 in the corner for her 2nd tour win.  Congrats to both Lisa and Amanda for the crowd pleasing, superb match play all weekend.

Lisa Marr and Amanda Lampert

Join us November 13th & 14th at our Championship Stop of 2010 on at Casper’s Billiards in San Leon, Texas.

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Main Event Tournament Payouts:

1st – Amanda Lampert – $750

2nd – Lisa Marr – $550

3rd – Michelle Cortez – $400

4th – Orietta Strickland – $270

5th/6th – Helen Laiche, Rachel Hurst – $150

7th/8th – Kim Pierce, Nancy French – $100

9th/12th – Alicia Stanley, Jennifer Kraber, Ashley Nandrasy, Tara Williams – $60

13th/16th – Ashley Simmons, Angela Garza, Michelle Prince, Deedra Trammell – $30

17th/24th – Julia Rapp, Christi Murphy, Shayla Neris, Kim Sanders, Janea Taylor, Becky Jones, Veronica Perez, Monica Anderson – $15

A Second Chance event was held with $250 added monies.

1st – Ashley Nandrasy – $150

2nd – Lisa Henderson-Major – $110

3rd – Samm Diep – $80

4th – Jennifer Kraber – $50

5th/6th – Veronica Perez, Kim Sanders – $20

7th/8th – Tara Williams, Christi Murphy – $10

Other Tournament Winners:

Tournament Free Entry – $30 – Karen Cathey

Pool Dawg Towel – Tara Williams

Pool Dawg – Box of Chalk – Lisa Marr

Pool Dawg – Glove & 9-ball key chain – Angela Garza, Jennifer Hayes

Starbucks Gift Card ($25 each) – Deedra Trammell, Michelle Prince

9-Ball Anyone Letter Opener – Veronica Perez

Assortment of Pool Pins – Carol Clyde

Pool Table Trinket Box – Orietta Strickland

9-Ball Key Chain – Alicia Stanley

10-Ball Key Chain – Ann Malone

Vitality Day Spa products (courtesy of player Lisa Henderson-Major) – Ashley Simmons

OB Cues Raffle Winners:

Becky Jones (regular tour player)

Kenny Huber (local Fast Eddie’s customer)

Jennifer Kraber HOT at the Billiard Den

Jennifer Kraber becomes a bride on the OB Cues Ladies Tour

(Photo: OB Cues Top Finishers)

Texas weather, during the month of August is known for their scorching HOT temperatures.  Well, that wasn’t the only thing scorching the weekend of August 21st and 22nd at The Billiard Den in Richardson, Texas.    The OB Cues Ladies Tour held their 6th tour stop of this 2010 season and the heat was on for sure.  Thirty-six ladies were treated with warm and friendly faces along with all of our tour sponsors, supporters, friends and family.  Larry and Marci Rothberg, owners of The Billiard Den, were doing their best to keep everyone cool and we are so grateful and appreciative for the superb hospitality shown by all of their staff.  The Billiard Den has been one of our host sites for the last 4 years and we know everyone always look forward to their delicious food, drinks, karaoke, ping-pong and great pool adventures.  Thank you Billiard Den for all you do!

As our tour point rankings this year have been too close for comfort, top players were ready to widen the gap in the standings.  Lisa Marr, Little Rock, Arkansas-current tour champion as well as 2008 tour champion, was only ahead of Jennifer Kraber, Austin, Texas, by 35 points.  These two players have been neck and neck all year and this past weekend wasn’t any different.  Other top tour players Tara Williams, Ashley Nandrasy, Orietta Strickland and Amanda Lampert were also present and surely had plans to mix-up the rankings as well.  But by the end of the Saturday, eight players were returning in the Main Event and the others would be licking their wounds or preparing for the Second Chance tournament on Sunday.  Top 8 players for Sunday were Jennifer Kraber vs. Orietta Strickland and Lisa Marr vs. Michelle Cortez on the Winner’s side.  The B-side would be Lisa Henderson-Major vs. Angela Garza and Julie Stephenson vs. Julie Comitini.

It was Jennifer Kraber vs. Lisa Marr for the hot seat match and the hard fought, pressure-packed win went to Jennifer in an exciting hill-hill finish.   Angela Garza and Julie Comitini finished 7th/8th; Michelle Cortez and Lisa Henderson-Major finished 5th/6th, Orietta Strickland finished 4th and OB Cues Ladies Tour Board Member Julie Stephenson had an awesome event and finished 3rd place.  It was her highest finish in a long, long time and she played superbly.  Fantastic finish Julie!

Jennifer Kraber, who just this year has been in the finals 3 other times, considered herself “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.  Well, she can now put that baby to rest as she defeated Lisa Marr in the finals with a score of 7-3.   Jennifer has been an ever present, consistent player on the OB Cues Ladies Tour and this year she is taking the tour by storm.  With her 1st tour win ever since playing when it was the Hunter Classics Amateur Tour and now OB Cues Ladies Tour, and she is at the top in the rankings.  Congratulations Jennifer, you’ve worked hard and so deserving of the top honors.   Excellent job!

Top Finishers from left to right: Lisa Marr, Tracie Voelkering, Marci & Larry Rothberg, Jennifer Kraber, Amanda Lampert, and Julie Stephenson

A Second Chance event always held on Sunday featured 11 players with Amanda Lampert taking the 1st place prize and Tracie Voelkering finished 2nd.  We would like to extend special thanks to Don Owen/Royce Bunnell of OB Cues, our title sponsor, for their continued support.  Be sure to check out all their products at  Also thank you to The Billiard Den and to all our fans and supporters.

Our next tour stop will be at Rusty’s in Arlington, TX the weekend of September 11th & 12th.  We hope to see you there.   Visit us at for more information.  Good Pool, Good Friends, Good Times!!!

Tournament Payouts: $2000 monies added

1st – Jennifer Kraber – $750

2nd – Lisa Marr – $550

3rd – Julie Stephenson – $400

4th – Orietta Strickland – $280

5th/6th – Lisa Henderson-Major, Michelle Cortez – $160

7th/8th – Angela Garza, Julie Comitini – $110

9th/12th – Monica Anderson, Kim Pierce, Melinda Bailey, Corina Campbell – $60

13th/16th – Michelle Prince, Rebecca Riley, Annie Doyle, Tara Williams – $35

Second Chance Tournament – $100 monies added

1st – Amanda Lampert – $95

2nd – Tracie Voelkering – $60

3rd – Michelle Prince – $40

4th – Janna Preston – $15

Other Tournament Winners:

Free Tournament Entry $30 – Christi Murphy

(2) $25 Starbucks Gift Card – Kim Pierce & Janna Preston

OB Cues Ladies Tour Shirt – Shirley Fields

OB Cues Raffle Winners – Tommy Williams & Sean Rothberg