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I’ve been actively playing and progressing in my game for eight years.  Right now, I’m fine-tuning my game aspiring to make it into the pro ranks, but my stroke has gotten away from me the last couple months.  My upper arm is dropping on my back swing when it used to be level.  I can still run tables, but the motion is causing comments from other players and is concerning to me.  Help, please.
QUESTION: Is it OK to move your upper arm during your practice strokes?  Thank you for your help.


NO, NO, and for sure NO!!! You do not want to move your upper arm when stroking through a ball. My question to you – is how do you know you are moving your arm up and down? Are you videotaping yourself? Or can feel/see the movement or is a friend just telling you so? Either way it is important to fix problems when they arise. I suggest next time your in the pool hall practice stroking along the felt line of pool table rail. Make sure that your cue is following the line of the felt straight and fluid- not with a seesaw / side-to-side motion.

Listen, many moons ago, my long time coach tried to adjust my slip stroke… he actually tried to force me to not slip and it really messed up my game for a while. Usually, the reasons for mechanical problems are because your body is compensating for other problems such as your stance. So check other mechanical issues too.

On anther note: Sometimes when you focus your attention to long on a mechanical issue you can dwell and become obsessed with it. Your stroke might be fine and it has just become a part of your style and now you need to be focusing on other parts of the game. If you get a chance to take one of my open clinics I suggest you do so and I can check it out for myself.  The next one is scheduled for June 12th at the Wynkoop and you can get more information on my website at

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Adam Ellis Wins 15-Rack Qualifier to the Derby City Classic


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Denver, CO. 80202

Contact: Melissa Little at 720-296-5395

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Adam Ellis Wins 15-Rack Qualifier to the Derby City Classic

Denver, Colorado December 9, 2009

Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis

After 10-weeks of playing Viper’s “15-Rack” 10-ball leagues, Adam Ellis came out on top with 955 points winning paid airfare and entries into all the events at the 2010 Derby City Classic in Louisville, KY. Ellis also won a custom pool cue made by Jacoby and a custom rack made by Delta-13.

Avery Pier came in second with 950 points claiming the runner-up spot. Cathy Crump fought hard all session and will be awarded the “highest finishing female” award.

The $300 added “end of the session” tournament is scheduled for Saturday, January 9th, 2010 and all of the qualified 15-rack players will be present. The tournament will be broadcasting live starting at 12:00 PM via  HYPERLINK “” and  HYPERLINK “” and will be hosted at The Wynkoop Brewing Company located at 1634 18th Street, Denver, CO.

The next session will start the weekend of February 7th, 2010 and will offer six -paid entries into the Open Colorado pro qualifier (April 17th & 18th, 2010) for the BCA US Open10-Ball Championships to be held this May in Las Vegas, NV. The summer session will feature a Men’s US Open qualifier and the winter session will feature paid spots into the 2011 Derby City Classic. The top-2 ladies at each session will receive paid entries into the 2010 WPBA Amateur National Championships to be held in November 2010 at the Wynkoop.

For more information please visit  HYPERLINK “”

Melissa Little, WPBA touring professional/house pro at Wynkoop is the owner/operator of 15-Rack pool leagues. 15-rack is based on a 10-week session of 10-ball “the ghost”, handicapped, with no membership/green fees pool league.  Players can also visit the website to view stats to promote growth within their pool games. Each week the league gives out weekly gift bags that include gift cards to places like  HYPERLINK “”,  HYPERLINK “”,  HYPERLINK “”, and Charlie’s billiards.