Pool Magazines Approach 1 Million Readers

We have compiled numbers from the first three quarters of 2010.  Giving us an idea of how many pool players are reading our 3 regional pool magazines.  Especially the exact digital replica of the printed pool magazines and watching OTBnTV LIVE Streaming.

The Break:  164,404 Total for 9 months

– average 18,267 per month

Rackem:      168,598 Total for 9 months

– average 18,733 per month

Stroke:         165,804 Total for 9 months

–  average 18,422 per month

Monthly readership of all 3 Regional online magazines       55,422

Monthly printed copies in circulation       30,000

Total per month       85,422

Yearly readership in print & online 1,025,064

OTBnTV Live Streaming Viewership     667,927

Totals 1,692,991

Does your advertising dollars

give you this kind of exposure?

We can! We do!! & We will!!!