WPBA – Quarterfinals #1 & #2



Story & Photos by Anne Craig – WPBA

Jasmin Oushan vs. Line Kjorsvik

October 17, 2009: Lincoln City, OR


Jasmin Ouschan

It’s day three at the 2009 WPBA Pacific Coast Classic and our first Quarterfinal match-up features the 2009 WPBA Great Lakes Classic Champion, Jasmin Ouschan, and the Semi-Finalist from the 2008 WPBA Carolina Classic, Line Kjorsvik. Both Line and Jasmin have come to this match undefeated in their efforts.

As Steve announced both players into the arena, the crowd applauded appreciating the effort it took to get to this point. The two ladies lagged and Line won the right to break the first game. She pocketed a ball on the break but was forced to push out and Jasmin stepped up for the first time in this match and surveyed the result. Line had left Jasmin a jump shot which Jasmin accepted and although she hit the ball, she did not pocket it. Line snookered Jasmin again but Jasmin kicked 2 rails and made the ball in the side pocket with position for a 2/9 combination which she successfully made to take the first game of the match.

Jasmin went into game two with the break and after pocketing a ball, had a cut on the one ball and a cluster of balls (the 2, 4 & 9 ball on the side rail). Jasmin missed the 1 ball but didn’t leave Line with much of a shot. She barely missed the one leaving it hanging but, she benefited from the cue ball speed as it came to rest behind the 6/7 which lay on the bottom rail. Jasmin pulled out her jump cue for the difficult short jump, and easily made the ball with position for the 2! She missed the two but forced Line to kick 2 rails, missing and giving Jasmin ball in hand. The 6/7 were still sitting on the bottom rail, leaving her with a touchy combination cut but it was no problem as the 7 ball sank in the corner. Her cue ball didn’t come back far enough and she was forced to play safety. Line faced a long rail to rail shot, and her safety attempt failed as she scratched giving Jasmin ball in hand again. Jasmin ran out to take the 2-0 lead.


Line Kjorsvik

Line broke, and after pocketing 2 balls on the break, made short work of the rest of the rack to post her first game of the match, down 1-2. Jasmin went into game 4 with the break, but had no open shot on the one ball, Line snookered Jasmin up-table and Jasmin jumped the cue ball successfully hitting the one but leaving Line with an open shot. It was not an easy layout as position play forced Line to accept longer shots but eventually she brought her cue ball back in line on the 5 and she ran out to tie the match at 2 all! She enjoyed the break advantage going into game 5 but nothing fell, leaving Jasmin an easy safety. She snookered the cue ball behind the 7 by the side rail, sending the one ball up-table to the end rail. Line surveyed her options, taking her extension as Steve called “10” (seconds). Her only path was a tough 3 rail kick that came up short giving Jasmin ball in hand. Shape from the 3 to the 4 to the 5 was key as she’d have to go back and forth for each. Her cue ball didn’t roll as far as she thought for the 3 ball, leaving her an off angle cut into the far corner. She made the ball and nearly pocketed the 9 in the side as the cue ball brushed past it. The resulting angle on the 4 left her a thin cut which she made, but she again left another thin cut on the 5 sitting by the side rail. She was in delicatessen slice mode and had no problem making the ball, and sliced one last time with the 6 into the 9 which was a sitting duck in the side and take a one game lead, 3-2. Jasmin broke in game 6 but failed to make a ball and although Line had an easy open shot on the 1, the 2 was tied up with the 5 and 9 down table. She played perfect cue ball speed, knocking the 2 away from the 5 and the 9 and after drawing the cue ball off the 2 (making it in the corner) it ran into the 9 which went into the side pocket as the crowd applauded. We were tied at 3 all. Line broke but Steve’s racks were too good as she didn’t make anything. Jasmin had no open pocket for the one, and her only options were to play a safe or try a 2/4 combination into the side. She chose the combination, with great position for the 1 in the corner pocket and the two ball in line with that shot. Position from the 2 to the 3 came up a bit short, she left herself more angle to the outside than she wanted. She pocketed the ball but got further out of line on the 5. Proving the old adage “it don’t matter if you don’t miss” the 5 went down but undercut the back cut on the 6 ball into the side pocket. Line stepped up, fired the 6 into the side with reverse English, sending the cue ball to the end rail then straight back for the 7 in the opposite side pocket, with perfect position the rest of the way to take her first lead of the match, up 4-3.

Jasmin had the break in game 8, and although the 1 ball sank into the corner, her cue ball stopped behind the 6 ball blocking her path to the 2. She pushed out, and Line replied by sending the cue ball and the 2 in opposite directions a full 9’ length of the table. A safety battle began, with both players understanding how crucial this game was. Line had an opportunity on a long shot on the 2 but missed, leaving Jasmin an open cut shot into the side pocket. Jasmin was unable to control her cue ball enough to get into line on the 4, which seemed to be the trend in this match. Her attempt at a short rail bank into the side failed. Line pocketed a beautiful spot shot on the 4, but her cue ball nicked the 9 which blocked the view to the 5 and she was forced to jump. She did hit the ball but left a shot for Jasmin. The crowd gasped as Jasmin missed the 5, she had played force follow to get down table for the 6, and as Jasmin shook out her arm (and presumably shake out some nerves) as Line made the 5. To her stunned amazement, the cue ball stuck behind the 7 and she gave Jasmin ball in hand as her two rail kick missed. The two game swing at this stage of the match was huge and the score was tied up at 4 all.

Line broke in game 9, noticeably taking something off her speed and she was rewarded when a ball fell. The leave on the one wasn’t pretty and she played a great safety, hiding the cue ball behind the 2 and the 1 ball behind the 8. Jasmin’s only choice was to kick one rail. She was successful, but left Line a slice into the side but had no open pocket for the 2. Her safety was less than ideal and Jasmin put the cue ball behind the 8. Line reached for her jump cue, hitting the 2 but scratching into the corner. Jasmin took ball in hand and looked to regain the lead in this match. It was stop and shoot pool the rest of the rack and the score was now 5-4, Jasmin’s lead. Jasmin had the break in game 10 and did pocket a ball but the layout was rough. The 4/8 & 1 were somewhat clustered, with the 2 ball up table behind the 5. Jasmin made the one but snookered herself behind that 5 ball, forcing her to kick one rail. Another safety exchange ensued between the two players with those rolls still going Jasmin’s way as she hit the part of the 2 she could see and it went off the bottom rail, came back up table and sank into the corner pocket. She ended up snookering herself behind the 6 for the 4 ball after making the 3, and missed giving Line ball in hand and the chance to tie the match up again. Drawing the cue ball off the 8 ball, she overshot her mark and ended up right next to the 9 ball! Her only choice was to nudge the 9 ball and send the cue ball up table, leaving the 9 near the first spot on the bottom rail. Jasmin made the choice to kick at the 9 one short rail and made the 9 in the corner pocket and she reached the hill up 6-4.

Line broke in game 11, but missed the 3 ball. Jasmin ran to the 6 ball but had no open shot and played a very poor safety giving Line a tough but open shot. Unfortunately, shape to the 7 would prove to be very difficult with the way it was laid out, and Line took her extension to figure out what she wanted to do. She tried for the cross side bank shot, missed and Jasmin was left with a long shot into the corner pocket and difficult shape to the 7. Playing the force follow, she gave herself a thin cut on the 7, needing to go up and down table with the cue ball for shape back on the 8. Confidently she made the ball, ran out and won the match 7-4. Line finishes tied for 5th and Jasmin moves on to tomorrow’s Semi Final match.


Ga Young Kim

Ga Young Kim

For Ga Young Kim, 2009 has been a banner season with two consecutive WPBA Titles to her credit. The US Open and Colorado Classic Champion comes into this Quarterfinal #2 undefeated, facing arguably the greatest woman pool player and 2009 BCA Hall of Fame Inductee, Allison Fisher. Allison is looking for her first WPBA win this year, but the 2009 World Games Gold Medalist knows how to rise to the occasion and the match should be hotly contested.

Steve introduced both players to cheers and a standing ovation and each stepped up to lag for the break. The crowd oohed and ahhed as Ga Young’s ball stopped about 1” from the rail, but Allison one upped her as her cue ball came to rest less than ½” from the rail!

Allison broke, but scratched as two object balls fell. Ga Young had ball in hand and made quick work of a 2/9 combination to take the first game in record time, less than one minute, up 1-0. She broke in game two, made the 1 ball and had an open table and before Allison knew what hit her, Ga Young was up 2-0. Allison wasn’t going to be shown up and after making the one ball on the break, was left with a 2/9 combo which she pocketed to make it 1-2. Ga Young scratched on her break in game 3, and once again the 2 ball was lined up with the 9 for a combination. Allison merely had to make the one and bring the cue ball down-table for the duck, and after only 5 minutes of play, we were at 2 all.

Allison nearly made the 9 ball on the break off her rack in game 5, but failed to pocket a ball. Ga Young stepped up with an open table and the 9 ball another quacker in the bottom corner pocket. She missed a cut on the 2 ball, leaving the cue ball 9’ away for Allison to make a great cut shot. Position on the 3 forced her to play a side pocket bank which found nothin’ but net. A long four ball cut was next; the ball bobbled in but she was tested again with a soft rail first shot on the 5. She made that, leaving a thin cut on the 6, after which she was back in position for the 7/8 & 9 ball to go up 3-2.

Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher

Ga Young broke in game 6, but after pocketing the 1, the two ball rested deep in the corner pocket and the cue ball ended up behind the 3. She was forced to push out, and after a quick look Allison gave the option back to Ga Young who fired at the ball with force follow to earn position for a great safety on the 3. Allison had to kick 2 rails but be mindful of the 8 ball that was situation right next to the 3. She played a nice speed shot to play safe and the battle of wits began. Like Kasparov and Eddie Fisher, the two knowledgeable players enjoyed their game of chess but Allison blinked first after kicking softly one long rail into the 3, leaving an open shot for Ga Young. To her disgust, she ended up nearly straight in on the 7 ball on the bottom rail and jumped her cue ball off the table trying for extreme draw with spin to get back up the table. Allison took ball in hand while Ga Young looked on; arms crossed in anger, and ran out to take a 2 game lead up 4-2. Allison made two balls on her break in game 7, but had to play a safety on the 1 ball. Ga Young brought out her trusty jump cue, being one of the best jumpers in the game today. She did hit the one but left an easy shot for Allison to run out the simple layout of this game. But just as everyone thought the game was over, Allison jawed the 6 ball in the corner pocket giving Ga Young an easy out to get back to within one game, down 3-4 and go into game 8 with the break. She pounded the rack but nothing fell, although Allison had no open shot to speak of and was forced to push out. She left Ga Young with a very long thin back cut into the corner pocket which she made, coming around for shape on the 2. Unfortunately she missed shape on the 5 and began a safety exchange with Allison. Allison blinked first and Ga Young ran out to tie up the match at 4 all.

Allison had the break advantage in game 9, pocketing the 3 ball and nearly making the 9 in the corner pocket. The table layout was wide open as she began running out but she came around too far for the 4, snookering herself behind the 5. She took her extension, opting for the one rail kick shot off the bottom rail and although she hit the ball she did leave Ga Young with a shot as Allison walked back to her seat with her head down. For Ga Young, position from the 5 to the 6 yielded a “50 yard line” shot, but she shrugged it off and continued to make the last 3 object balls, taking back the lead at 5-4.

Ga Young made a ball on the break in game 10. The resulting layout included an incredibly thin cut on the 1 ball that Ga Young attempted but missed, allowing Allison a chance at the table. Allison calmly made her way through the rack and we were tied once again, now at 5 all. Allison’s momentum was stopped in its’ tracks as she scratched on her break in game 11. The only trouble spot for Ga Young was position from the 1 to the 2 ball. She chose to play a safety, sending the 2 ball 9’ away from the cue ball. Allison’s resulting shot gave Ga Young an opening and she stepped up to run out but ended up scratching off of the 4 ball, giving ball in hand to Allison who ran out despite being distracted by someone’s cell phone in the audience. Allison reached the hill first, up 6-5. Ga Young enjoyed the break and nearly made the 9 (can you sense a trend here?) but had a tough shot on the 1 after pocketing the 8 off of her break. She chose to duck the cue ball behind a large cluster of object balls, forcing Allison to choose between a kick or a jump. She chose the jumper even though the cue ball was very close to the 6. Ga Young smiled wryly as Allison not only hit the one but sent it off the bottom rail, into the side pocket! Allison waved her hand in apology, then made a beautiful thin cut on the 2 ball. Her cue ball got away from her, forcing her to play a side pocket bank. She didn’t bat an eye as she made it, with shape on the 4. She needed only the 5/6/7 & 9 ball to defeat the hottest player on the Women’s tour, but she cut that short by cutting the 5 and sending the cue ball downtable into the 9 ball and it did a Tiger Woods “Nike” slow roll, finally falling and Allison advanced to the Semi Finals. Congratulations to Ga Young Kim, who retains the #1 ranking.

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